Daily Stretch #2: Minimize Compulsive Behaviors


Today’s Stretch: Minimize Compulsive Behaviors

Do you live by your phone? If you get robbed, would you rather lose your wallet than your phone? Are you checking your social media apps compulsively?

Overcoming phone dependence is hard.

Truth is: we are not addicted to our phones. We are addicted to the belief that, those compulsive checking and interactions, add meaning to our lives.

In reality, our continuous connection to social media, disconnect us from ourselves.

We have a hard accepting that we can adapt to losing the “social media-experience.”

Turn off social media for 24 hours. Cancel all alerts and notifications. Remove all Social apps from your home screen.

You were able to live without social media before it ever existed. Recover control over social media dependence. Recover mindfulness.

Don’t Get Caught By Excuses

“Snapchat is my social lifeline.”

“I will miss important updates.”

“My friend will get mad if I don’t like his latest pic.”

Stretch, Reflect & Learn

Use these questions to reflect once you’ve practiced this new stretch.

What drives your social media dependency?
What else were you able to do by being unplugged from social media for 24?Did you feel compelled to check your updates? How did you prevent it?
How strong is your will when you want to change something?

Before You Go

Change happens one stretch at a time.

Every day, one new exercise to help you stretch beyond your comfort zone. Experiment. Learn. Challenge. Grow.

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