Team rituals are a powerful tool to intentionally design your culture.

The original name of this tool is Troika Consulting. 

I prefer the word feedback because it’s the key benefit this exercise provides–one person shares a problem in an intimate, small group and receives input and thoughts that help better understand the problem.



One person– the ‘client’– presents his/her challenge, and the other two people –the ‘consultants’– provide feedback. Though it sounds pretty obvious, the dynamics of how it works provides surprising results.



Divide people in small groups of 3 chairs (no table needed). 

Participants will take turns — one becomes the ‘client,’ and the other two, the ‘consultants.’

The client has to address two questions “What is your challenge?” and “What kind of help do you need?”

  1. The client presents her/ his challenge (1 minute)– consultants cannot ask questions or interrupt.
  2. The client turns around with her/ his back facing the other two people.
  3. The consultants generate ideas, suggestions and provide advice (5 min). The client can listen, but cannot interact with them.
  4. The client turns around and shares what found most valuable of everything the consultants said (1). Once again, the consultants listen. 

Switch roles and repeat the sequence.

If you have time, you can do a second round. This time, the client should present his/ her reframed problem taking into consideration the feedback and ideas provided by the consultants.


Coaching Tips

In my personal experience, the main goal is not about finding a concrete solution but increasing understanding of one’s problem by listening to other people’s perspectives. 

The most interesting part is listening to two people discussing your problem like if you were not there.  That’s the purpose of having the client having his/ her back facing the consultants and not be able to speak up or ask questions.

Try it out, and you’ll be surprised how simple, yet impactful, this exercise is. 


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