Don’t tell me you don’t have time to read

We don’t have time to read but we always have time to listen. Pic by

The simpler the question, the bigger the challenge.

My friend Vero Korbenfeld texted me this morning. She follows my posts but she can’t find time to read. “Are you planning to launch a podcast.” — she asked.

Which turned into: “How can I convert my Medium posts into audio files today?” I didn’t have a clue. But I wanted to solve it fast (that’s me).

Thanks to I was able with no hassle.

Don’t have time to read? I’ve got you covered. Now you can listen to my Daily Stretch exercises. And experiment with change one stretch at-a-time. No more excuses.

Push play & Stretch for change!

Before You Go

Change happens one stretch at a time. Each day I post one exercise to help you grow beyond your comfort zone.

Improve your change fitness:

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