Why 2017 Deserves A Name

The perfect connection with our dreams.

Why do you write? Who do you write for? These two questions keep popping up. And not just from people who want to know what inspires me. I ask those questions to myself often. I want my writing to be purposeful, to keep my dreams alive.

To inspire you to dream beyond your zone of comfort. To get your feedback so my ideas are stronger and clearer. To shed some light on your own journey by sharing my personal experiences. These are the reasons I write.

So, who am I telling not to waste a dream year? To the both of us. You see. I’m writing for you and me, giving you the same advice that I give to myself. Let my words help you find the connection between you and your dreams.

Let Your Dreams Dictate How You Live

You don’t owe your life to anyone.

Live it without apologies.

2017 is up for grabs. Almost empty, ready for us to fill it with our best wishes and desires. This year, and what you do with it, depends on you.

Make 2017 your dream year. Don’t let someone else’s expectations dictate your dreams, your priorities or what you want to achieve. You don’t owe your life to anyone. Live it without apologies. Work hard. Pursue what you want. Live your dreams.

Sounds easy, right? Well, everything in life is simple until we think about it and make it complicated. Be honest. What drives your passion? What gets you out of bed every morning?

This is your dream year. Own it.

Make Effort Feel Effortless.

When you do what you love, the effort you put behind it feels effortless. Let’s start by connecting with our dreams in 2017.

Build A Dream-list Versus A To-do-List: Please walk away from the energy-draining habit of writing to-do lists. Keep your shopping list if you wish. But for what really matters, approach life in a more meaningful way. Write down all the experiences that will keep you awake at night but for the right reasons. That’s right, I said experiences, not projects. Your life is not a project to be managed but something worth experiencing. Let your dreams be led by emotions. As you jot them down, please also capture the feelings you anticipate once you achieve them.

Dream Big But Live Slow: Making your dreams come true is important but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. I used to think that speed was everything. Moving from one thing to another as fast as possible was my motto. It took me many years to learn from what I was missing. I still have to remind myself that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t let the size of your dreams overshadow the joy of everyday life. Acknowledge who you are and what you stand for. Celebrate what you have. Being thankful for what you have won’t make your dreams insignificant.

Learn to Recycle Your Dreams: We are so obsessed with being original that we forget that no one is listening. I wrote an end-of-year post that made me feel very excited. Yet, it ended being one of my worse performing pieces ever. My initial thought was to forget about it. But then I decided to write a recycled article, using the basic idea, but with a different approach. Don’t just throw away your ideas because they didn’t work out. Remember those goals that you put aside for whatever reason. Do you still long for them? Feel confident recycling old dreams.

Let Go of Your Accomplished Dreams for New Ones: Your current success can turn into your worse enemy. Glory makes us deaf. When we are good at something, we become comfortable and start repeating ourselves. Even the things we worked so hard to get, can become an obstacle. I decided to sell my contemporary modern house last year. We moved to a smaller -still lovely and comfortable- less sophisticated one. I made a hard, yet conscious, decision to simplify my life to prepare for achieving my 2017 dreams.

Shared Dreams Are Easier to Achieve: Flying solo is fun but discovering life with someone that shares your dreams is much more fun. My wife has always been there at my side every time I started a new venture. Even though some were more personal to me, we always found a way to turn a professional change into a shared adventure. Having the right partner in dream helps keep our passions alive. And is also a great reminder of what we signed up for.

Build A Foundation To Achieve Your Dreams: Passion without effort is a waste of love. And effort without preparation is the perfect recipe for frustration. Make time to prepare, to build a strong foundation: change requires endurance. Be curious and make time for exploration. Be smart and take care of yourself. Have fun. Exercise. Relax. Sleep well. When your resilience is put to test, your body and mind will thank you.

2017 Deserves A Name

This is your dream year. Own it. Give 2017 a name. One that will remind you of all the dreams you want to achieve.

If the year 2017 is a person — choose anyone you know- what will it tell you when you meet 12 months from now? What emotions will you feel when you reflect on your conversation with 2017? Use those words as inspiration to name your year. Do it now.

I’m about to take (another) big leap in my life. I named 2017 as “the year I jump”.

What name will you give 2017?

This is our dream year, my friend. Let’s not waste it.

Many people have found this prioritization exercise pretty useful. Hope it helps you focus on the dreams that matter to you.

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