Team Offsite Design
and Facilitation

Do you need to align your team members or improve how they work together? Is it time to pause,  reflect, and plan for a better future?

Upgrade your team's game. Let us design and facilitate your next retreat.

Our Approach to Team Retreats

Our team offsite services include design and facilitation––they are completely customized to each client.

Start with the end in mind. What can you achieve in one week, one month, or one quarter?

We offer three types of retreats depending on the challenge. Check out which one is right for you.

Team Timeout

When was the last time you called timeout?

Playing is important, but it's not everything. Your team needs time to pause and reflect. To understand what's working and what can be improved.

Ideal when:

A team is facing a turning point that requires adjustments.


Reflect on what’s working (and what's not), adjust tactics, and improve how to play the next phase of the game.

The Experience:

Take some distance from the day-to-day activities to explore new ways of working, increase collaboration, and speed up decision-making.

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Team Reboot

It's time to reset your team.

Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. Leading a team that’s on a winning strike is easy. But turning a team around is a bigger challenge.

Ideal when:

A team is losing momentum or feeling stuck.


Reset the team operating system and refresh how it functions.

The Experience

Relaunch how your team operates and behaves by challenging everything they take for granted. We will upgrade their mindset and emotional culture and provide new tools to win the game of change.

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Team Stabilization

It's time to take your team to the ER

The problem with dysfunctional teams is that most managers don't know where to get started. Inaction can only make things worse. We are here to help your team recover.

Ideal when:

Toxic mindsets and behaviors are putting the team at risk.


To stop the bleeding before it's too late.

The Experience

An in-depth approach to creating a safe space to jumpstart dialogue and reignite collaboration. We will get your team back on track. 

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Learn more about the benefits of getting your team out of the office and how to choose the right offsite for your organization. 


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