Culture Design Sprint

What can you accomplish in 30, 60, 0r 90 days?


A Culture Design Sprint is a tried and effective method for solving your most pressing cultural challenges. Let us help you accelerate organizational change. 

How Do Cultural Sprints Work?

We start by defining the vision for change in collaboration with your leadership.

By uncovering what's working (and not), we reframe the challenge into a more meaningful one. We want to address the root cause, not the symptoms.

Together with your team, we will co-design the solution to move your culture forward. We define the mindsets, behaviors, rituals, and methods required to achieve your business goals.

Lastly, we help design and implement Minimum Viable Changes— small experiments to adopt agile, smarter ways of working.


Sprints can last 30, 60, 0r 90 days depending on the complexity of the issue at hand.

Cultural Sprints: The Power of Minimum Viable Change

Most organizations try to change everything at once and end changing nothing. A successful transformation requires starting small and progressively build momentum.


A Minimum Viable Change is a small dose of behavioral change that creates rapid adoption. See what sticks (or not) and make necessary adjustments before scaling up.


Here are some of the most frequent cultural tensions we solve together with our clients.

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