Design and Build a Culture of Change.

A Culture of Change doesn't grow overnight. It needs to be nurtured, built and promoted by top leaders' behaviors. It requires increasing self-awareness to overcome blind spots and internal resistances.

Prepare your team to become more innovative rather than to resist reality. In order to thrive in an ever-changing world, organizations must develop a "Change mindset."

We help organizations in three different ways:
- To overcome internal resistance
- To build a culture of transparency and trust
- To assess and bridge the Change Gap


Is your team going through a transition?

Are your team members mindsets and emotions slowing you down?

Resisting change not only slows a team down. By playing in defense mode, they focus on their survival rather than on growing the business.

We use the power of empathy to better understand your team’s mindset and how it’s holding them back. We tackle the root problem not just fix the symptoms to overcome resistance and move your team back into action.

We provide tools and design a journey to accelerate buy-in and overcome resistance.

  • Team assessment and recommendation
  • Improve change-fitness and change readiness
  • How to turn constraints into a superpower
  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Team Retreats and Team Building Activities


Is your team censoring its creativity and afraid of speaking up? Are your people holding back because of lack of trust?

Trust is what makes or break a team. We help build Psychological Safety–the shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.

Rebuilding a safe space doesn’t happen overnight. It requires efforts from both leaders and employees, to embrace vulnerability and to experiment with progressive risk-taking. We train and coach the mindsets and behaviors needed to reignite trust among team members.

We help build the foundation of a safe space and design the roadmap to get there.

  • Assess current transparency and trust levels
  • Design the foundation of a safe workspace
  • Define and clearify team purpose, roles, and responsibilities
  • Improve communication and team rituals
  • Solve diversity and intergenerational tensions


Are you going through a major transition? Are the tensions between current and desired state creating a divide in your organization?

Even the most innovative companies get stuck from time to time.
We amplify your team’s perspectives, rather than do their job. We coach, facilitate and help build innovation sprints and sessions. hybrid teams with diverse backgrounds and walks of life to drive innovation.


  • Change Gap Assessment
  • Employees, managers, and stakeholders empathy interviews
  • Reframing the Change Gap and what’s unblocking transformation
  • Minimum Viable Change approach
  • Consulting and coaching

Browse Culture of Change Workshops

In addition to the services outlined above, we offer a variety of Culture Change workshops. All are customized to each organization specific needs. The typical length is one or two-day. Start browsing our workshops and reach out with any questions.

Culture of Change

How to Build a Culture of Change

Innovation is not a discipline; it's a necessary mindset that every organization must embrace. This in-company program will unblock your organization. Equip your team with new mindsets and frameworks, and turn everyone into a change agent.
turn constraints into a superpower

Turn Your Constraints into a Superpower – Workshop

Reframing your challenges is an effective way to outsmart the competition. Resources are never enough. Your team shouldn't feel limited because competitors have more resources. This workshop helps transform constraints into a superpower. Don't let your team feel limited, reframe their challenges to unleash creativity. Book this in-company workshop.
purpose career move

Create A Bold Career Move – Program

Do you feel stuck in your career? Or wondering what's next? Reconnect with your purpose. Launch a bold career move. Reignite your passion by aligning your purpose, career, and job. Design your next career path.
overcoming resistance to change

Overcome Resistance to Change – Workshop

Do you feel that opposition to change is stronger than you expected? Leading change is exciting yet anything but easy. Even the most motivated change agents get frustrated. This workshop will unblock your ability to drive change effectively. Neutralize opposition to change.
psychological safety -build a powerful culture

Psychological Safety: How to Build a Powerful Culture

Is your team censoring their best ideas? Are they afraid of getting fired? Trust is the foundation of any successful team. Building a culture of transparency enables “a shared belief that a team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” This workshop will help you understand the principles of using transparency to build Psychological Safety at your organization.

The Power of Opposites: drive multigenerational collaboration

Multigenerational employees create a divide. Digital natives versus experienced managers. Millennials versus Baby Boomers. Different characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work hinder collaboration. This workshop will help you turn “opposites” into “collaborators.”
cultural fitness not just cultural fit 3

Improve Your Cultural Fitness, Not Just Cultural Fit

Culture is the glue that brings a team or organization together. But if the glue is too sticky, it can make them stuck instead of making them stay together. Our workshop will inspire you to stretch your organizational culture.
group open space

Accelerate a Culture of Innovation

Organizations invest a lot of money and time in innovation. Yet, when it comes to driving adoption, or scaling cultural change, most companies struggle. Over 70% of innovation failures are due to employee resistance and unsupportive management. This 30-day sprint will help you change that. Prepare your culture. Accelerate Innovation.
The Enemies of Innovation (1)

The Enemies of Innovation Workshop

Innovators have to survive attacks from both friendly and unfriendly fire. Disguised as a "Friend" or exposed as a "Thief", they will try to stop you. Understand, fight and neutralize the Enemies of Innovation. Book this in-company workshop.
misfits are great for innovation

Build a Band of Misfits Workshop

Innovation is a dangerous mission. Building the right team is critical. It can make or break your innovation operation. Learn how to design the perfect team to drive change in your organizations. A team of misfits encourages diversity of thinking by having clear roles, accountabilities and team purpose.

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