We turn teams into agents of positive change.

Liberationist unleashes the 'change gene' within your team. We equip organizations with adaptive mindsets and behaviors to uncover new opportunities and ways of working. 

Our Services

Take your team out of the office to reflect on the work and how to improve its game.

Upgrade your team’s ability to drive change by increasing self-awareness, creativity, and resilience.

Design and build a fertile ground for innovation by increasing trust, speed, and experimentation.

It's time to leave the office.

Do you need to stabilize or reboot your team? Or simply to take some time out to reflect and adjust behaviors?

Take your team members out of the office to improve how they play together.

We design and facilitate team retreats to solve tensions,  drive alignment, improve collaboration and processes, and reignite passion.

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Leadership Workshops

Upgrade your team's skills.

Improve your team's ability to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our highly interactive and experiential workshops are at the intersection of innovation, change leadership and self-development.

We train and coach new behaviors, methods, and processes to encourage experimentation, creativity, and resilience.

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Accelerate a Culture of Innovation.

Do you want your team to move faster and become more innovative?

Move from fear to fearlessness--develop a safe and fertile ground for innovation. Our approach includes nurturing psychological safety, experimentation, autonomy, and supportive leadership.

First, we assess your organization and design a customized solution. Then, we coach new mindsets and ways of working for your team to practice and experiment with. Finally, we apply learnings to make adjustments and amplify the impact.

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Transform your team

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