The best readers think for themselves

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”
― Richard Feynman

Life has no meaning — we discover our purpose as we travel.

We all want to live a happy and fulfilling life — we wish to have a roadmap to get there faster. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or magical solutions. We must all discover our own path.

That’s why I love writing. To share, not to impose, my views. I want to provoke you to think. Here are some random thoughts about life — some give me clarity; others make me challenge what I take for granted.

Think for yourself.

People are like wines. The good ones improve as they age; others just turn into vinegar.

Being certain doesn’t mean you found the answer — you just stop looking.

Overthinking is an irrealistic obsession — it’s like watching the same movie over and over and expect a different ending.

Self-improvement is both rewarding and deceiving. We thought we were giving our best until we give our (new) best.

Saying what you think requires courage. Saying everything you think is being stupid. Silence is a wise voice.

The truth is temporary. When we hold to what we believe is true, we become blind to new discoveries.

Most shortcuts are an illusion — they take us faster to the wrong destination.

Death is not the end, but a celebration — don’t bring regrets to the party.

Friction creates energy; energy drives creativity.

Being original is an impossible ambition as everything has already been said. Be authentic instead — your voice is yours and yours alone.

Our illusions blind our present. But don’t let your present silence your illusions.

We hate in others what we can’t accept in ourselves; we admire in others what we are afraid of trying ourselves.

Life without a purpose has no meaning — a purpose that’s not lived is daydreaming.

Nothing is more rewarding than finishing something. Celebrate every night — even small victories make the world a better place.

The more we pursue happiness, the less happy we are — let go of the chase and enjoy the journey.

We are the worst of what we show and the best of what we hide. Luckily, sometimes, is the other way around.

Being arrogant is like being ignorant; everyone notices it except yourself.

Painful experiences are like a wild river — we must cross them to get to the better side.

Boredom is a state of mind. Most people can’t enjoy their own company.

We don’t have time; we make time. Prioritization is the antidote to the excuse mentality.

We think the world revolves around us until time and perspective put our ego to rest.

Whatever you feed your mind, you become.

Don’t spam people with your words of wisdom — unsolicited advice doesn’t work.

Life’s most precious things are like water — they surround us, yet they are invisible to us.

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