Unstuck Your Team, Unstuck Your Project

Liberate Your Teams from What’s Holding Them Back

Group of young creative team going over some project together. Unstuck the team unstuck the project..

“Managers expect they can plan for all the variables in a complex project in advance, but they can’t. Nobody is that smart.”– Nadim F. Matta & Ron Ashkenas


There are many reasons why projects get delayed. From lack of proper planning, to change of priorities to lack of support and unexpected events. However, the most frequent factor is people related: ineffective collaboration and communication among team members.


If you want to unblock a project, first you need to get the team unstuck.


The Experience:

This hands-on coaching session will help uncover what’s holding your team back and get a project back on track.

This workshop will help understand the various reasons that are in the way of proper collaboration and cooperation. We will work together with the team to identify, address, and solve their conflicts and issues.

  • Clarify purpose and goals
  • Align on key metrics, deliverables, and expectations.
  • Address the emotional culture:
    • What are the emotions that are holding us back?
    • What are the emotions that can move us forward?
    • How to manage emotions, so they don’t hinder proper behavior
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Identify and address personal and relationship issues
  • Reflect on what’s working/ what’s not
  • Build a clear plan to get the team back on track
  • Build a team contract defining individual commitments and group expectations

We will coach the team to create a safe space to address their tensions productively. We will help unstuck the team by applying a problem-solving mentality to overcome team dysfunctionalities.


a team working on liberating their constraints and tensions


This Coaching Session Is Ideal For:

  • Teams that are stuck and can’t find a way to get back to high-performance
  • Team leaders that are getting frustrated because of unmet deadlines and constant delays
  • Change agents or project managers that want to unstuck a specific project


During this Coaching Session, the Team Will:

  • Understand what’s holding the team back
  • Address both emotional and functional elements that are getting in the way
  • Unblock the team:
    • Emotional Tensions
    • Relationship Mapping
    • Increased trust and communication
  • Unblock the project:
    • Align the team on project purpose, goals, and key metrics
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities
    • Amplify what’s working; eliminate what’s not
    • Build an action plan


Book this coaching session to unstuck your team:

Email us: stretch@liberationist.org