Turn Your Constraints into a Superpower – Workshop

Reframe Your Challenges.

Most organizations suffer from a scarce mentality––they let resources or constraints limit their ability to create change.

Teams tend to get stuck from time to time because they believe their resources are not enough. They need more time, more people, more budget, etc. They think they are fighting with less resources than they should.

However, that’s a perception game. By reframing challenges, your team can build creative confidence and learn to shift their mindset from “scarce” to “abundant.”

This workshop will help overcome constraints and turn them into a superpower.

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Overcome resistance and challenges

Your team feels limited by the constraints. Lack of resources, time, or budget are becoming excuses for the team not to perform at its higher level.

People get stuck comparing themselves to competitors: the grass is always greener on the other side. Rather than playing smarter, the team believes that they need to get more resources. The problem is they are trying to mimic their competitors rather than turning their constraints into a strength.

The Experience:

An interactive, hands-on, workshop to help you identify your team constraints, understand how they slow down performance and learn how to succeed with your limitations not just in spite of.

Our proven tools and roadmaps will be customized to your organization’s specific challenge, focusing on concrete outcomes.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Organizations that feel stuck and want to reenergize their teams
  • Team leaders and team members who want to reframe their obstacles, weaknesses, and limitations into strengths
  • Innovation and L&D leaders who want to learn new frameworks to bring to their organizations

During the workshop, your team will:

Understand individual and collective superpowers and Kryptonite. And how they are enabling or blocking team performance.

Identify the emotions and behaviors that are getting the team stuck. Using our “Turn Constraints into a Superpower” framework, we will increase self-awareness and team awareness to unblock your team.

Boost collaboration by assessing current collaboration and growth potential by using the Map Your Relationships tool. We will address the ‘collaboration trap‘ and coach new behaviors to boost team performance.

Increase accountability by creating duos. Successful superheroes have a sidekick–– we will create accountability partnerships to achieve personal and team goals.

Outline a journey to move people from “Victim” to “Superhero.” Rather than complaining or blaming their our limitations, team members will learn how to take ownership, action, and become accountable.

Reframe current challenges. Participants will learn how to use different reframing tools to turn problems into more interesting ones to unblock creativity and innovation.

Role-Playing put into practice all the learnings and how they can be applied to solve real-life problems.

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A clear understanding of constraints and how they affect team performance.

A defined framework to reframe challenges in more interesting ones.

An action-driven approach that can be applied to everyday problems.

Self-reflection and individual plan for each team member to turn individual and team constraints into a superpower.

A reenergized team.

Bring this workshop to your organization

Reach out for more details: stretch@liberationist.org