The Power of Opposition

Make differences add rather than subtract

We are living in a transition era. Everyone knows what’s broken today but no one can tell what will work in the future. Trying to find the new silver bullet,  we get blinded but everything that’s new. 

Integrate antagonistic cultures and people into one team. Make differences count.

Our workshop will inspire you to embrace opposition. From team design, talent development, project management and change management, recruitment to talent development, we will address the foundation of an adaptive, experimental and resilient culture.


The “Opposites” are in a constant fight rather than trying to collaborate. Digital natives versus experienced managers. The new versus the traditional culture. Millennials versus Baby Boomers. Startups versus Corporations. Artificial Intelligence versus Humans.

In an ever-changing world, one full of uncertainties, we are creating a bigger divide.

How can we solve for this tension and transform “opposition” into “collaborators”?


An interactive, hands-on, experience, to help break the divide and benefit from those who think differently.

Our proven tools and roadmaps will be customized to your organization’s specific challenge, focusing on concrete outcomes.


Organizational culture and professional development executives. Senior leaders who want to improve their organizational fitness and to turn adaptability into a competitive advantage. Team members interested in embracing, rather than fighting, opposition.


Assess how the opposition is perceived and approached.

Understand key areas to focus (critical and/or easy to fix)

Unblock behaviors and mindsets that are getting on the way.

Strategize a journey to reframe the role of opposition. Applying various tools we will coach the team to define the desired impact, behaviors that we need remove, ignite or accelerate.

Personal-Reflect to better understand our own mindset and behaviors: how can we change ourselves to be more to opposition


Reframe opposition into collaborators.

Learn how to embrace those who think differently to amplify individual perspectives.

Break down the barriers between different sides (Millennials, Digital Natives, Longtimers, Newcomers, etc.)

Develop new models and practices for collaboration

Build specific ideas and tactics that can be implemented back in the real world


We can host this workshop either at your own space or at a different location.

The ideal number of participants is between 15-25 but we can adjust to your needs.

Reach out for more details: [email protected]

Type of Program
1-day or half-day workshop
Date and Time:
At your convenience.
At your company (or we'll find you a place)
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