Team Timeout Offsite

Win the Match Before It’s Over. Regroup, Reflect, and Adjust.

When was the last time your team called a timeout?

A timeout is a valuable opportunity for a team to regroup, assess its performance, and make necessary adjustments. Some teams might quickly become complacent or get distracted when they don’t feel challenged. Regardless of performance, all teams need to pause and reflect.

This retreat resets the bar and keeps the team motivated to play at their best.

This offsite is perfect for smart organizations that want to play at their best. Through hands-on exercises, coaching, and team facilitation, we will prepare your team to win!

A halt in the game can dramatically change the result of a match. Taking a timeout is critical for a team to regroup and identify what’s working and what’s not. Reflect on your game, adjust tactics, and reset behaviors.

A team leader presenting insights to the rest


The Experience:

Take some distance from the day-to-day activities. We will help the team assess its performance and identify necessary improvements.

Ideal for turning points that require learning and adjustments (e.g., end of year or a quarter, half-way through large project implementation, etc.).

This hands-on offsite provides a unique opportunity for reflection. It’s perfect for teams committed to continuous improvement.

In sports, teams spend more time practicing and preparing than they spend competing.  In business, it’s the other way around. This offsite encourages reflection, but will also provide new ways of working to improve communication, collaboration, and make the team more agile.

By applying group and individual exercises, we will accelerate self-awareness, team awareness, and a culture of change. The team will leave the offsite with clarity, a shared purpose, aligned on short and mid-term fixes, as well enthusiastic and committed.


Who Should Attend:

  • Managers/ team leaders
  • Team members who want to improve their game

Team drawing a journey map on the floor


During this Offsite, Your Team Will:

  • Get the opportunity to reflect on past performance
  • Reflect and provide feedback on team dynamic and strategies
  • Reconnect with their team purpose and personal passions
  • Self-reflect on what every member can improve at an individual level
  • Discuss the challenges ahead and identify adjustments required
  • Uncover blind spots and potential tension
  • Identify areas of opportunities and experiment with new ways of working


Desired Outcome:

  • A clear assessment of how the team is playing
  • Identify “quick wins” and areas of adjustments
  • Reignite team passion and overall energy
  • Prioritize team projects and tasks for the near future
  • Clear purpose, roles, and accountabilities
  • A plan that captures individual and collective responsibilities


The content of all our offsite meetings and team workshops are customized to your needs. Let’s chat.