Team Stabilization Offsite

Dysfunctional Teams: How to Stop the Bleeding

Is your team moving backward rather than forward? Have your team members stop seeing each other in the eye? Is lack of trust promoting unhealthy behaviors?

If you are reading this is probably because your team is in trouble and you don’t know where to start.  You are not alone. Research shows that 7 out of 10 managers have worked on a dysfunctional team at some point in their careers.

The problems you’re dealing with right now will not just go away. But, before you improve your team’s performance,  you need to stop the bleeding. This team offsite is like taking a team to the ER.

To help dysfunctional teams recover, we first need to rebuild a safe space where–applying the power of empathy and vulnerability–team members can share their emotions and frustrations. We want to liberate the mindsets and past experiences that are blocking everyone. Rebuilding trust is the first step to jumpstart dialogue and reignite collaboration!

Address the complicated issues and start unblocking your team.  Join this workshop and stop the bleeding.


A team debriefing a workshop by applying the highs and lows feedback tool


The Experience:

This hands-on offsite won’t just stop the bleeding, it will unblock your team and accelerate its recovery. We will help you and your colleagues tackle pressing issues, understand the root cause of internal tensions, and solve the most critical dysfunctionalities.

The offsite will focus on our ‘Team Recovery’ framework, we will identify the emotions, mindsets, and organizational roadblocks that are getting the team stuck. By applying group and individual exercises we will move from assessment and self-reflection to rebuild collective trust, align on team purpose alignment, and develop a recovery plan.


Who Should Attend:

  • Team leaders that want to stop the bleeding of a dysfunctional team
  • Team members who want to overcome the pain and want to work with a healthier group
  • HR partners that want to support and contribute to the recovery

dysfunctional teams

During the Offsite, Your Team Will:

  • Understand the mindset and emotions that are making the team bleed
  • Psychological Safety: rebuilding collective trust
  • Uncover the root cause of the team dysfunctions:
    • Deep understanding of emotions, mindsets, and behaviors
    • Why does the team exist? Reconnecting with the team purpose
    • Building common goals and commitments to change
    • Leader reflection: how are you helping or inhibiting your team’s potential?
    • Strategies to stop the bleeding and start the initial recovery
  • Building the foundation of a healthy team

– Developing the path towards healing:

  • Define team purpose, roles, and accountabilities
  • Build an action plan to accelerate team recovery
  • Define the manager’s role in driving team functionality
  • Personal and collective changes to unblock performance
  • Getting the team to fix itself



  • Stop the bleeding: neutralize animosity, blame, and lack of accountability.
  • Develop a grievance procedure.
  • Identify “quick wins” to shift from being stuck to move into action.
  • Reset trust and “Psychological Safety”.
  • Align members: building a shared team purpose.
  • A plan to accelerate recovery and team performance.

The content of all our offsite meetings and team workshops are customized to each organization needs.

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