Reboot Your Team – Offsite

How to overcome when your team is stuck

Has your team lost its mojo? Is your team repeating itself and not being able to come up with new ideas?

Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. Leading a team that’s on a winning strike is easy. But turning teams around, that’s a bigger challenge.

Most teams are at war with reality. Loss of status or job security, fear of failure and the unknown, and the frustration derived from learning new things are some of the most common symptoms. These emotions are the consequence of a “Stuck Mindset”.

Lack of consistency, inability to influence decision-making and unclear purpose, are some of the beliefs that make teams stuck.

Before you team becomes dysfunctional, press the reset button. Reframe your team’s mindset to build new behaviors.

Unblock your team and improve its performance. Join us and reboot your team.

The Experience:

This hands-on offsite won’t just help you understand what’s blocking your team. You’ll learn how to reboot your team and move it into action.

Our “Change Mindset” model helps improve teams’ change fitness and turns adaptability into a competitive advantage. Learn by doing. Gustavo Razzetti, CEO of Liberationist and author of ‘Stretch for Change’ will lead this interactive session.

The workshop will focus on the ‘Reboot Teams’ framework, group and individual exercises and the development of a team plan.

Who Should Attend:

  • Team leaders that want to relaunch and reenergize their teams
  • Team members who want to be part of winning team
  • Department or division members that want to improve their performance

During the Offsite, Your Team Will:

  • Understand the mindset and emotions that are holding your team back
  • Move your team from a “Stuck” to a “Change” Mindset
  • Learn how to improve your team change-fitness:

– The shift: from a“stuck” to a “change-fit” mindset
– Defining strong-team attributes
– Reframing mindsets and behaviors
– Developing the foundation of a strong team

  • Define team purpose roles, and accountability
  • Build an action plan to immediately implement changes
  • Learn from successful organizations
  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone


  • Your team Change fitness Score.
  • Building a change-fit framework.
  • Five critical mindsets and behaviors.
  • How to move a team into action.
  • A plan to improve your team change fitness.

The content of all our offsite meetings and team workshops are customized to each organization needs. Let’s chat.

Type of Program
One-day or two-day session.
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