Overcome Resistance to Change

Don’t fight resistance. Encourage participation instead.

Resistance is a signal. If you are not facing opposition is because you are not pushing too hard. But, too much resistance can get your organization stuck.

Resistance is a sign of the loss that change creates. Even when it’s for the best, people get stuck in an emotional loss. Rather than fighting the resistance, we need to reframe people’s loss.

Your team must realize that resistance is a mental trap. Running away from uncertainty might feel safe. But avoiding change can be even more harmful. Inaction is a riskier option.

This workshop will help you and your team overcome resistance to change in your organization.


The Experience:

An interactive, hands-on workshop to help you understand, reframe, and neutralize the effects of resistance within your team or company.

Learn to identify the different types of resistance and respective root causes. Understand the emotional loss associated to change: loss of control, loss of narrative, loss of belonging, loss of time, etc.

We will coach and facilitate various tools to help you deal with resistance like the Reframe the Loss Canvas or Regain Your Power, among others.

reframe the loss of change canvas tool
An effective tool to reframe the loss of change into a gain.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • You are a senior executive who recognizes that people will make or break your ability to drive organizational change.
  • You are leading a project or initiative and having difficulty getting buy-in.
  • You are a team leader who wants to accelerate change by coaching team members and equipping them with actionable tools.
  • You are a change practitioner looking to expand your toolkit and increase your influence.


During this workshop, you will:

Understand the different types of resistance and what drives them.

Identify the emotional losses associated to change. People resist not being in control. They fear uncertainty, not being able to connect change with benefits for them, and loss of belonging to how things used to be.

Increase action by addressing resistance head-on. Help your team confront their own resistance and address their fears and objections.

Define resistance in objective, actionable terms. Help people analyze, rather than react to, their resistance.

Reframe the loss. Rebuild the narrative. Reframe the loss associated to change into a win.

Gustavo Razzetti CEO of Liberationist facilitating a team workshop to liberate the best version of your employees


A clear understanding of the different types of resistance and what drives them.

An actionable framework to transform resistance into energy for action.

Design clear plans and experiments to neutralize resistance in your organization.

Develop new skills and tools to overcome resistance to accelerate organizational transformation and move your projects forward.


Bring this workshop to your organization

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