Improve Your Cultural Fitness, Not Just Cultural Fit

How to dynamize your organizational culture – Workshop

Culture is the glue that brings a team or organization together. But if the glue is too sticky, it can make them stuck instead of making them stay together. Cultural Fit can become a limitation rather than a strength.

Our workshop will inspire you to stretch your organizational culture. From recruitment to talent development, we will address the foundation of an adaptive, experimental and resilient culture.

Cultural fitness, not cultural fit


Change has never happened this fast before. Yet, organizations don’t prepare their teams to be more adaptive. By improving your “Change-fitness” you can turn adaptability into a competitive advantage.

Cultural fit could easily turn into an innovation blocker. Sticking to new hires who match current employees, sticking to rules or “traditions” are hurting most organizations. Let’s break the cycle to become more adaptive.


An interactive, hands-on, experience, to help assess your current cultural fitness (score) but, most importantly, what are the areas that need to be improved: mindsets, behaviors, and emotions.

Our proven tools and roadmaps will be customized to your organization’s specific challenge, focusing on concrete outcomes.


Organizational culture and professional development executives.

C-level executives who want to improve their organizational fitness.

Change agents who want to learn new tricks to bring to their teams.


Assess your organization’s fitness.

Understand key areas to focus (critical and/or easy to fix)

Unblock organizational dynamics to ignite and accelerate change.

Identify specific resistance that is slowing you down. Using our“Enemies of Innovation” archetypes tool we will share the different types and behaviors.

Strategize a journey to achieve a positive outcome. Applying various tools we will coach the team to define the desired impact, behaviors that we need to install across team members as well as the blockers/ enablers that we need to tackle and leverage.

Personal-Reflect to better understand our own mindset and behaviors: how we change ourselves to drive change at the larger organization.


Realize why “Cultural Fitness” is more important than “Cultural-fit.

Understand the principles of building an adaptive organizational culture.

Identify current barriers and potential opportunities to improve your organization’s “change-fitness.

Develop an experiment to introduce new behaviors at your current organization.


We can host this workshop either at your office-space or at of our partners’ venue.

The ideal number of participants is between 15-25 but we can adjust to your needs.

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1-day or half-day workshop
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