How to Lead Your Team in Permanent Whitewater

Thrive in change, uncertainty, and turbulence

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“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”– Peter Drucker


Change is no longer optional–we must learn to lead in permanent whitewater.

Peter Vaill coined the term Permanent Whitewater as a metaphor for the change, uncertainty, and turbulence that characterize most business environments. Though most managers were taught that leading is like paddling a canoe on a calm lake, the reality is that we never get out of the rapids. We are continually experiencing upset and chaos.

This workshop will help your team become more self-aware, adaptive, empowered, and innovative to thrive in permanent whitewater.


The Experience:

This hands-on workshop will equip your team with the right mindset and tools to thrive in turbulent, unpredictable, and ever-changing waters.

The session will help develop both self-awareness and team-awareness– necessary skills to adapt to a changing reality. Through individual and group activities, exercises, and brainstorming, participants will familiarize with new approaches and tools.

We will spend most of the time facilitating group activities and team exercises– your team will learn while working on real-life challenges. We will coach how to use tools that you can implement at your organization. The experience includes a pre-workshop assignment, an on-site session, and a follow-up group call.



This Workshop Is Ideal For:

  • Executive teams that want to understand how to deal with permanent whitewater
  • Team leaders and team members who want to become more adaptive, collaborative, and innovative
  • Change agents and innovation teams that want to accelerate transformation in their organizations


During the Workshop, You Will:

  • Understand the challenges of permanent whitewater
  • Learn the positive change framework to develop more human, adaptive, and innovative organizations
  • Discover the permanent whitewater framework:
    • Key characteristics
    • Impact on organizational behaviors
    • Embrace whitewater, read the water, and curiosity as learning tools
  • Apply the Permanent Whitewater canvas to:
    • Assess your current team situation and how to adapt
    • Uncover potentials threats and what’s at stake
    • Understand how your people deal with uncertainty
    • Establish a long-term vision and short action plan
  • Minimum Viable Change (MVC):
    • Learn how to introduce small changes with a big impact
    • Identify new behaviors and mindsets
    • Develop a plan to test and implement MVCs in your organization
  • Design a roadmap to thrive in permanent whitewater


Lead in permanent whitewater canvas
Permanent Whitewater canvas by Liberationist



  • Understanding how to transform your culture to thrive in uncertainty
  • Learn actionable frameworks, methods, and tools
  • Equip your team to thrive in permanent whitewater
  • An actionable roadmap to increase adaptability, collaboration, and innovation


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