A Fearless Culture: How Psychological Safety Boosts Collaboration and Innovation

Psychological Safety Is Key for High-Performing Teams


Is your team censoring their best ideas?

Are your people holding back because of lack of trust?

Are they afraid of getting fired?

Fear is the most pervasive emotion at work. Most teams censor their best ideas. They are afraid of being ignored, criticized or punished. Emotions affect your thinking–emotion management helps create positive thinking and encourage positive behaviors.

85% of people feel unable to raise concerns with their bosses (Milliken & Morrison). Only 3 in 10 employees strongly agree that their opinions count at work (Gallup). 

Psychological Safety can make or break teams, according to research by Google. A fearless culture feels safe to embrace feedback, collaboration, and experimentation.

This workshop will help build or accelerate a safe space at your organization–your team will feel inspired to speak up, collaborate, and innovate. It’s time to start building a Fearless Culture.


psychological safety makes high performing team feel safe and help each so that no one is left behind

The experience:

This hands-on workshop won’t just help you overcome fear but also to increase collaboration and trust.

The workshop will cover the ‘Fearless Culture” framework,  the principles of “Psychological Safety” and “Emotional Culture.”  frameworks. We will spend most of the time facilitating group activities and team exercises–people learn by doing. We will coach and provide tools that can be adapted and implemented at your organization. The experience includes a pre-workshop assignment, an on-site session, and a follow-up group call.


This workshop is ideal for:

  • Executive teams or functional teams that want to rebuild trust among their colleagues
  • Organizational development & HR partners that want to boost their emotional culture
  • Change agents who want to build a culture that’s open to innovation


During the workshop, Your team will:

  • Assess your emotional culture and how it affects thoughts and behaviors
  • Identify the symptoms and root cause of fear
  • Learn how to shift your culture from Fear to Fearlessness:
    • Our framework
    • Move from FEAR to DARE
    • How to address and deal with your team’s emotions
  • Understand the importance of “Psychological Safety”:
    • Why Google considers it a critical factor for high-performance teams
    • How to create the right conditions
    • How feeling safe doesn’t lower the bar, it drives accountability
  • Learn and practice new methods and behaviors:
    • Learn from fearless organizations
    • Experiment first-hand with new tools and practices
    • Identify which can work for your organization–adapt and test
  • Design a roadmap to build a Fearless Culture


A team leader presenting insights to the rest


  • Understand how fear is holding your team back
  • Learn actionable frameworks and tools
  • How to nurture “Psychological Safety” at your organization
  • An actionable roadmap to create a culture of trust, feedback, and experimentation


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