Fall in Love With Your Career (Again)

Get Back Into The ‘Work Zone’

Our jobs are more than a way to earn a living. We all spend more time at work than with our families and friends. And expect that sacrifice to be worth it.

Why should you care? Employee engagement is at an all-time low. Only 34% of employees feel a strong connection to their company’s mission, and 50% lack a level of meaning at work.

The good news? Employees who derive meaning from their work are more than three times as likely to stay with their organizations. That’s a win-win for companies and individuals alike.

This program is designed to help professionals reconnect with their purpose, design a bold career move, and create a plan to make their dreamed job come true. Get back into your ‘Work Zone.”

the work zone


People who derive meaning from their work, report 1.7 times higher job satisfaction and are 1.4 times more engaged with their career.

Finding meaning at work is a win-win: it makes people fulfilled but also increases their engagement. We can help you combine the five dimensions of meaning—money, status, making a difference, passions, and talents—into a fulfilling career.

When people reach that unique fulfilling and productive sweet spot they’re entirely focused and present. They’ve entered ‘The work zone.’ We’ve all experienced that unique state of flow: to feel on a roll and effortlessly produce our best work.

The work zone - bold career move program- Liberationist

Luckily, being in ‘the work zone’ is not something limited to a few ones. By aligning our purpose, career, and job, we can reach that fulfilling spot.

Our “Create a Bold Career Move” program is purposefully designed to help people get back into ‘the work zone.’

By combing in-person workshops with group and individual coaching, this program will help professionals who are at-a-crossroads, reignite their passion, recover fulfillment and feel happy about what they do every day.


Do you feel that your job doesn’t challenge you anymore? Do you think that it’s time for a change but paying the bills and other responsibilities are holding you back? Are you starting to explore how life would look like after you retire?

A career change is what you need.

Our professional identity plays a big part into who we are. We have a hard time separating one from the other. Thinking about a career move requires challenging our established identity before we can explore new paths.

The truth is, you are more than a career. By reconnecting with your purpose and values, you’ll realize that there are many ways in which you can find fulfillment. Once you’ve discovered what drives your passion, we will help you uncover opportunities to turn your passion into a job that brings both emotional and financial reward.

Passion led us here

Stop driving in cruise-control, regain action and become the screenwriter of your next career move. What guided your career path won’t help you get into the future you deserve and want.

By strategically designing and planning your career move, you will dramatically improve your chances to succeed and be fulfilled.


A 10-week program with plenty of individual and group activities. The length and content is adapted to each team specific needs. 

You’ll identify your next career plan, learn how to build on your skills and experience, to design a plan to pursue a new job that will help you regain your passion

This program will be led by Gustavo Razzetti, author of ‘Stretch for Change’ and founder of Liberationist, and Sofia Ansaldo certified Ontological Coach and personal development expert.

The program includes:

–      Six in-person 3-hour workshops

–      Individual assessment

–      Actionable homework exercises

–      Ten Weekly one-hour video group coaching sessions

–      Group discussions and progress updates on our private Facebook group

–      Plus, various tools, exercises, tips, recommended reading, and inspiration to support your journey.

Reignite passion in your life, connect with your purpose, focus your energy, achieve your goals and enjoy the job you wish and deserve.


Professionals who are the crossroads of their careers:

– top performers who lost their drive or can’t find what’s next

– those close to retirement who wish to continue working

– teams who want to reconnect with their purpose

at a crossroads


  • Understand what’s holding you back in your current job/ career stage
  • Reconnect with your purpose and passions:
    • What drives you, what your values are, and what’s the legacy you want to create
    • Develop new mindsets and behaviors to create a bigger impact in your life
    • Your foundation: what makes you tick, your uniqueness, your skills and superpowers
    • Neutralize those who want to derail you from the life you want
  • Experiment with new possibilities:
    • Make the most out of your assets to thrive in your new career
    • Break your career pattern and behaviors
    • Understand the realities of other professions and jobs
  • Build a roadmap to accelerate your new career path
  • Learn from others while they design their own journey
  • Get back into ‘The work zone’
  • Build a concrete plan to find a job that connects your purpose, career, and passion
  • Learn how to leverage your skills and experience
  • Develop your personal brand and leverage marketing tools to get the job you deserve and wish

To learn more about this program, reach out: stretch@liberationist.org