The Enemies of Innovation Workshop

Fight The Hardest Resistance.

Driving innovation is a dangerous mission. Your success depends on surviving attacks from both friendly and unfriendly fire.

Disguised as a warm caring boss (“the caregiver”) or a smart client that wants to get the best out of you (“the intellectual”), the enemies of innovation get in the way of success.

Learn to fight the hardest resistance you will ever face: the enemies of innovation.


A team is having a hard time selling their project to the organization’s stakeholders. Not everyone on a team is on the same page, certain individual behaviors are slowing the team down.

Discussions around your project have once again stalled. You feel frustrated, the team leader doesn’t seem to help move the project forward. Those who are supposed to help, are getting in the way. They’ve turned into your enemies.


An interactive, hands-on, experience, to help you identify the innovation enemies, understand their motivations and develop a plan to minimize the enemies of innovation impact.

Our proven tools and roadmaps will be customized to your organization’s specific challenge, focusing on concrete outcomes.


Professionals and individuals looking to turn adaptability into a competitive advantage. Anyone who wants to stretch beyond their comfort zone either because they feel stuck or want to unleash their potential.


Unblock team dynamics to move initiatives forward.

Identify specific resistance that is slowing you down. Using our“Enemies of Innovation” archetypes tool we will share the different types and behaviors.

Understand the hardest resistance you will ever face: people. We will coach the team to better understand specific enemies’ motivations and weapons. Our principle is that enemies can always make us stronger.

Strategize a journey to achieve a positive outcome. Applying the “Culture Map” tool we will coach the team to define desired impact, behaviors that we need to instill across team members as well as the blockers/ enablers that we need to tackle and leverage.

Personal-Reflect to better understand our own mindset and behaviors: how we change ourselves to drive change in other’s behaviors.

Role-Playing put in practice your plan by simulating day-to-day situation. We will coach, provide feedback and build an actionable plan to be implemented in the real world.


A Clear understanding of the types of enemies and the behaviors that are slowing down your organization.

A defined organizational culture map: desired outcome, behaviors and blockers/ enablers.

An action-driven plan to conquer the selected enemies of innovation.

Self-reflection and individual plan for each team member to turn enemies into allies.

Define specific milestones and goals for the team to monitor positive impact and iterate.


We can host this workshop either at your own space or at a difference location.

The ideal number of participants is between 15-25 but we can adjust to your needs.

Reach out for more details, dates and costs: [email protected]

Type of Program
1-day or half-day workshop
Date and Time:
At your convenience.
At your company (or we'll find you a place)
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