Build a Band of Misfits Workshop

Create a Powerful Innovation Team

What are we solving for?

Driving innovation is a dangerous mission. That’s why building the right innovation team is critical. It can make or break your innovation operation.

You need to bring together a bunch of individuals who are passionate about proving everyone wrong. Those crazy enough to take on a risky mission. What you need is a team of misfits.

This workshop is based on the “Band of Misfits” framework included in our book ‘Stretch for Change.’ Check our book at Amazon or read this article and learn “Why Misfits are the best for Innovation”.

Workshop Approach

Understand what makes or breaks the perfect innovation team.

Through an interactive, hands-on experience we will explore

  • Designing the team charter: expectations and team values
  • Identifying the key roles needed for any innovation mission
  • Understanding the various types of misfits required and how to recruit them
  • Building alignment, managing tensions and gaining energy from each other

Leading a team of misfits is not an easy task. We will help you leverage their diverse perspectives and personalities to drive alignment and succeed in your innovation missions.

Desired Outcome

A clear understanding of how to build the right innovation team: one made from misfits.

Fluency on how to design the team charter

How to leverage misfits’ craziness without driving the team crazy.


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