As I write this, I’m reflecting on the fact that the world has dramatically changed in just a few weeks. Leaders are trying to keep people safe, while at the same time, managing their businesses. 

Most people aren’t used to working from home. As they adapt to this reality, there’s a common theme I’ve been hearing from clients, readers, and colleagues: everyone feels less busy. 

Social distancing, fewer meetings, and no commute – among other things – are giving us more free time.

This exercise is an invitation to use that time wisely. Reflect on how you’ve been doing things and what’s working – or not. Use the following questions to improve your game when things get back to normal (whatever that is).

How can you turn this crisis into an opportunity?

Consider the things that you always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time. Now is the moment to take care of them. 

What things have you been postponing because you’ve been prioritizing urgent matters over important ones?

How can you prepare for the future? What skills can you learn? What online courses can you take to elevate your game?

What weaknesses are getting in your way? Who can help you overcome those struggles? And how?

Take time to take care of yourself. 

Reflect on business as usual

Compare how you’re working now versus how you used to work. What do you notice? What do you miss? What are the things that you don’t miss?

Analyze how you spend your time. Are there any meetings or practices that felt critical but now feel useless? 

What’s hindering collaboration as you work from home? How can you achieve the same results by doing things differently? Brainstorm with your team. 

Reflect on your behavior as a leader. What’s working? What’s not working? 

How are you helping your colleagues adapt to this new reality? What behaviors or mindsets are getting in the way?

Reflect on your team. What’s working? What’s not working? 

Extreme situations surface tensions that used to be invisible. Which ones are affecting your team? What can you do about them?

What will you do when things get back to the new normal?

What have you learned about yourself and your team?

Which time-wasters are you going to get rid of?

What will you start, stop, and continue doing? 

Which new practices and tools will you adopt when you get back to the office?

How are you going to make time for what really matters?

The show must go on. Don’t wait until the crisis is over; now is the perfect moment to challenge business as usual. Instead of fighting the crisis, let’s use it to learn and grow. 

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