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Human Adaptive Innovative Organizations

5 principles to create more human, adaptive, and innovative organizations

1. Fearless leaders are self-aware

Know yourself to lead yourself––and then others. Self-awareness requires courage and vulnerability to acknowledge our unknown unknowns. Fearless leaders shape the future with imagination and wisdom.

2. Questions are more powerful than answers

Curiosity is a force for change. Leading with questions helps uncover possibilities. The moment we start asking a question, we begin to liberate change.

3. Enduring change happens from within

Transformation is human-led—it happens through the people who will live it. People and organizations need to build their own capability and capacity to transform, constantly.

4. Authentic conversations drive participation

People want to actively be part of the transformation, not just feel involved. Authentic conversations, not Powerpoints, drive change — there’s less resistance when people have a saying on their future.

5. Innovation is a byproduct of a Fearless Culture

Fearlessness is not the absence of fear but confronting uncertainty and change with an open mind and heart. We grow in the direction of what we persistently focus on. A fearless culture creates belonging, purpose, and growth.