Thrive in Change

Liberationist helps leaders drive change. We equip teams and leaders with new mindsets, behaviors, and tools to turn everyone into an agent of change. We ignite and accelerate organizational transformation.

We Help You Design and Build a Culture of Change

Self Awareness is considered the meta-skill of the 21st Century. Self aware individuals are more adaptive, creative, and resilient.

Adaptive Teams thrive in change. They collaborate, communicate, and solve tensions more effectively.

A Culture of Abundance enables both people and business growth. It provides Psychological Safety, promotes curiosity, and encourages people to take risks and experiment.

What Makes Us Unique?

A human-centered approach to behavior change:


Increasing self-awareness is the foundation to identify blind spots, abilities, and growth opportunities.

Organizations don't change, people do. Change is a byproduct of deep personal behavior change.



We apply a human-centered method to driving change.

We utilize the principles of empathy research to reframe problems through the eyes of the 'user,' unblock resistance and increase change openness.


Change openness is the result of preparation.

You cannot turn a risk-averse culture into an innovative one overnight. You must prepare the soil (the culture) before your plant the seed (change initiatives).


We equip people to outsmart us, not to depend on us.

Like a sports coach, we prepare and challenge people so that they can play at their best. On their own terms.


We equip your team with the abilities and roadmaps necessary to viralize change.

Our approach prioritizes depth of adoption versus breadth. We start the fire within a few teams and let them spread across your organization.

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