Positive Change Model

Change is the lifeblood of an organization — it’s the catalyst for progress, innovation, and growth. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to adapt and transform.

Changing human behavior is not easy, but it's more natural than we think—it doesn't have to be a dramatic experience.

Positive Change: a New Model and Paradigm

The traditional problem-solving approach to change — finding what is wrong and fixing it — promotes a negative mindset. It sucks everyone’s energy creating blame and division rather than motivation and engagement.

Our Positive Change approach seeks what is right in an organization. By identifying and amplifying what’s working, we energize people and move them in the direction of what they most desire.

A positive approach is not being naive, neither denying issues –– it reframes problems into more interesting ones.

Together we can create more human, adaptive, and innovative organizations

To thrive in permanent change is a continuous, human-led pursuit––organizations must leverage their emotions, creativity, and resilience.

Transformation is a deeply human experience––it happens from within. Our Positive Change framework builds the capability and capacity to design, experiment, and transform leaders, teams, and organizations.