Daily Stretch #1: Free Yourself from Being Busy

Pic By James Douglas


Today’s Stretch: Free Yourself From Being Busy

We have a hard time changing our routines. We are afraid of consequences. Or maybe we don’t give ourselves the space we deserve.

Reward yourself with the gift of time. Rather than being stuck doing insignificant things, recover time for yourself. Don’t waste binging the new Netflix show, use it to clear both your body and mind instead.

Go for a walk with someone without a clear agenda. Let the conversation flow. Walk without a clear direction. Let what’s going on dictate your next turn. Enjoy everything that happens.

Reconnect with the pleasure of feeling surprised.

Don’t Get Caught By Excuses

“I don’t have time.”

“I’ve already committed to doing some work.”

“How can I get someone to go for a last-minute walk?”

Stretch, Reflect & Learn

Use these questions to reflect once you’ve practiced this new stretch:

  • How did it feel to escape from work?
  • What does personal time mean to you?
  • How do you feel when you experience downtime?
  • What have you learned while talking to someone without a clear goal?

Before You Go

Change happens one stretch at a time.

Every day, I’ll share a new exercise to help you stretch beyond your comfort zone. Experiment. Learn. Challenge. Grow.

Check my new book “Stretch for Change” on Amazon.

I’m the founder of Liberationist, Change Leadership School. We help people thrive in change. Follow me on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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