Daily Stretch # 4: Go Beyond Your Perceived Physical Limits


We all hear that internal voice. It’s telling us that we cannot hold our breath any longer. Or that the discomfort we experience is a sign of exhaustion.

But it’s not always true. Most of the times when we start to feel some pain -physical or mental- we haven’t yet reached full capacity. You can either follow that voice (and quit), or you continue pushing.

When I go biking, I set up how miles I want to ride. But when I reach halfway, instead of turning back, I push myself to ride an extra mile or two.

Our minds play tricks. We need to create our tactics to win the mental game

Today’s Stretch: Go Beyond Your Perceived Physical Limits

You don’t need to overkill your body. I want you to realize that you more energy in the tank that you normally realize.

“Effort and discomfort go together and that’s what most people would call good pain — you generally expect to feel some level of discomfort.” — Carly Ryan, Australian Exercise Physiologist

Today’s stretch: go beyond your perceived physical limits. Give your exercise and extra push. And enjoy it!

Run an extra mile. Bike faster than usual. Exercise one more time per week.

Experience the reward of overcoming your self-imposed limitations.

Don’t Get Caught By Excuses

“I know my limits. I can’t do it.”

“I’m already exercising a lot.”

“I can’t tolerate pain.”

Stretch, Reflect & Grow

Use these questions to reflect once you’ve practiced this new stretch:

What tactics did you use to trick your mind?
How did you mentally prepare to push yourself more?
How does it feel overcoming your perceived limitations?

Before You Go

Change happens one stretch at a time. Daily exercises to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Improve your change fitness:

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