Culture Design Canvas Examples

Examples and lessons from thriving company cultures

Looking for Culture Design Canvas examples? We got you covered.


Learn how thriving organizations are designing their company culture. Using the Culture Design Canvas – the tool of choice for culture designers – we've mapped examples of powerful cultures.


To continue inspiring you and your teams to experiment with our tool, we'll be regularly adding new examples.

Culture Design Canvas Examples

Pixar's Creative & Collaborative Culture

Netflix's Freedom & Responsibility Company Culture

Southwest Airlines Fun & Loving Culture

Slack People-First Company Culture

Atlassian's No-Bullshit Company Culture

Airbnb: A Culture Where Anyone Belongs

Zappos' Wow Our Customer Culture

Patagonia's Culture Is about Saving the Planet

Spotify's Agile Company Culture

How HubSpot Treats Culture Like A Product

How IKEA's Culture Provides a Better Everyday Life

Every month, we will add more culture design examples from organizations that are leading the way. If you are using the Culture Design Canvas, please submit the example and we might add it to this list.


Gustavo Razzetti, our founder, is working on a book on culture design, wouldn't it be great to have your company culture included?  🙂

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