The Culture Design Canvas

The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool for mapping, visualizing, designing, and evolving your company culture. 

It is a visual chart to understand the current state and define the future one in a strategic, simple, and powerful way. 

Why use the Culture Design Canvas?

Map Current Culture

The Culture Canvas is an easy to use tool to map your current organizational culture.

Use the tool to drive clarity, alignment, and identify areas for improvement.

Design Desired Culture

Use the canvas to design a new culture whether you are a start-up or an existing business.

The Culture Canvas helps define your desired future state.

Evolve Your Culture

The CDC is a simple tool to keep your culture current and relevant.

Use it to identify gaps or opportunities, and to explore possibilities.

The Culture Canvas Explained

A brief overview of the CDC, a tool for leaders, change agents, and organizational consultants.

Learn more about how the tool works, key benefits,  and how to use it. Discover how organizations are using to put their current culture into words and to visualize the future state. 


Master The Culture Design Canvas

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Some of the Organizations Using The Culture Design Toolkit

There are over 50,000 organizations and professionals using The Culture Design Canvas across the world. Here are some of the companies that build and nurture fearless cultures using our Culture Design Toolkit.