Thriving company cultures mapped using the Culture Design Canvas

Looking for Culture Design Canvas examples? We got you covered.

More and more organizations across the globe are adopting the Culture Design Canvas to map their workplace culture. To continue inspiring people to experiment with our tool we will be sharing examples of how to use the Culture Design Canvas.

We will map the cultures of organizations that are leading the way, as well as other ways of using the canvas.

If you are using the tool to map, design, or upgrade your company culture, please submit a post and Culture Design Canvas and we might add it to this list. Gustavo Razzetti, our founder, is working on a book–your company could be featured there too 🙂

Pixar’s Candid, Creative Organizational Culture

Zappos Fun, Weird Workplace Culture

Spotify’s Agile Company Culture

Netflix’s Organizational Culture: Freedom And Responsibility

Southwest Airlines’ Fun, Loving Workplace Culture

Atlassian’s Open, No-Bullshit Company Culture

Patagonia’s Workplace Culture (coming soon)

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