Stretch For Change

Stretch out of your comfort zone.

Unleash your true potential.

Thrive in change.


Before practicing any competitive sports, we stretch our muscles and warm up.  Not just to avoid injuries, but also to make sure we can play at our highest potential.

The same is true when confronting change. Our mindsets and behaviors need to stretch. To warm up to be ready to deal with change.

Your teams will  become more adaptive and flexible. Thanks to our change model.


Our Change Model

We focus on three areas, each building on each other:


1. Change Openness:

Our mindset is the lens through which we see reality. If we don’t have the right one, it can cause a distortion in our vision. We move people from being “stuck” to being more open to change.


2. Change Fitness:

Organizations waste a lot of time trying to solve the wrong problem. Reframe problems into more meaningful ones by applying multiple perspectives. Positively impact the team, the organization, and the broader society.


3. Change Leadership:

Leading through change requires a different mindset too. Regardless of their role or title, anyone can learn to become a change leader. Embrace a more mindful and human style. Build a culture of change and resilience.

Our change model approach bridges the gapbetween academia and consulting:

We provide learning experiences rather than presentations.

We prioritize real life projects and experimentation even over dogma.

We offer roadmaps, tools, and coaching rather than a rigid process.

We prepare your team to outsmart us, not to depend on us.


Our five guiding principles:


From "Stuck" to "Change"

Our mindset is the lens through which we see reality. If we don’t have the right one, it can cause a distortion in our vision.

Learn to see change through a different pair of lenses, to stop being stuck and build a Change Mindset.


Amplify Perspectives to Solve Meaningful Problems

Move beyond “corporate myopia” and use deep empathy to realize what matters to the individuals and the community, not just to your organization. That's the power of Multiple Perspective.

By solving meaningful problems not only will we get your team excited but also those who will benefit from the solution.


Build Endurance to Drive Real Change

Lack of follow through is the most common reason why corporate initiatives fail. Reframing mindset and behaviors is not a one-off approach. Our coaching style builds endurance and resilience by monitoring the real impact.


Human Centered Innovation & Leadership

Bring people back at the core of what your organization does.

Human-centered design helps better understand your team, not just your customers.

We bring back mindfulness and passion to work by promoting transparency and experimentation.


Social Impact Embedded in Every Program

Every cohort includes participants from Social Impact organizations to help amplify perspectives.

Scholarships: to guarantee representation from non-profits and underserved sectors, 1 out of 10 slots is free.

Social Jams: 10% of the school time is dedicated to solving social problems.

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