The Change Gap

The tension between the current-desired state: when collective and individual agendas collide.

Mind the 'Change Gap:' the divide that's slowing your organization down.


70% of change initiatives fail. Source: McKinsey


The same-old change management approach is clearly not working.


1. Change cannot be managed: People are out of your control. Change is a personal decision.

2. People are not objective: Both employees and leaders operate driven by emotions and beliefs. And, most of the times, they collide.

3. Level set the starting point: Not everyone starts from the same place or at the same time.

4. Change requires new mindsets: The adoption of new systems or process is anything but functional.

5. Making adjustments goes both ways: A top-down approach must be replaced by a more collaborative one where employees’ input creates adjustments across iterations.

6. New doesn't always mean better: What seems better for a leader might not feel the same for the employees. Are you addressing your team's "what's in it for me?"

The Change Gap Canvas

This tool will help you assess and understand the gap between your current and desired state.

The 'Change Gap Canvas' is not just descriptive but analytical. It provides a deep understanding of the behaviors and mindset that are slowing down your team.

This is an action-driven tool. It drives alignment, collaboration, and new behaviors to ignite and accelerate change.

What Makes Us Unique?

A human-centered approach to behavior change:


Increasing self-awareness is the foundation to identify blind spots, abilities, and growth opportunities.

Organizations don't change, people do. Change is a byproduct of deep personal behavior change.



We apply a human-centered method to driving change.

We utilize the principles of empathy research to reframe problems through the eyes of the 'user,' unblock resistance and increase change openness.


Change openness is the result of preparation.

You cannot turn a risk-averse culture into an innovative one overnight. You must prepare the soil (the culture) before your plant the seed (change initiatives).


We equip people to outsmart us, not to depend on us.

Like a sports coach, we prepare and challenge people so that they can play at their best. On their own terms.


We equip your team with the abilities and roadmaps necessary to viralize change.

Our approach prioritizes depth of adoption versus breadth. We start the fire within a few teams and let them spread across your organization.

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