How to bring your team together when they can't get together

Improve collaboration and teamwork with a virtual retreat

Getting your team together for an in-person offsite, at least once a year, is critical to improving communication, collaboration, and performance. But what happens when external factors make it impossible for people to get together? Enter the Virtual Team Offsite.


Hosting a virtual team offsite is a great way to increase teamwork when external factors – like it's happening now with the Coronavirus – get in the way.

How do Virtual Team Offsites work?

With the aid of laptops and a handful of online collaboration tools, a virtual team offsite allows teams to 'get together' to reflect on past performance, identify areas for development, and experiment with new tools and ways of working.


A well-designed and facilitated virtual team offsite can help teams achieve a lot through a regular cadence of individual and group exercises, team discussions, and action planning.

Why hold a virtual team offsite now?

A Virtual Team Retreat is the perfect way to prepare for once the crisis is over, rather than waiting for it to finish.


As the Coronavirus spreads, organizations are recommending that employees work remotely. Many companies are strongly encouraging everyone to work from home. This unique situation presents both a challenge and an opportunity.


Most people are not used to work remotely; a Virtual Team Retreat can help people learn how to do it right. Many people are finding that they have more free time during their working hours; the time that's usually spent in commuting or in non-essential meetings can be used for team development.

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What Your Team Can Learn At A Virtual Offsite

We design and customize all our Team Retreats – both virtual and not – to address each team's specific issues. Here are some of the areas we can help your team with:

  • Team Retrospective: Reflect on past performance, how the team is working, what's working and what's not working, identifying areas for development
  • Address cultural tensions: Identify the emotions, mindsets, and behaviors that are moving the team forward and those that are hurting performance
  • Improve feedback and communication: Review existing practices and try new ways that will accelerate collaboration
  • Innovation: Identify key barriers and obstacles that are limiting creativity, coaching new practices to unleash innovation
  • Psychological Safety: Accelerate transparency, trust, and communication to create a safe space where people can thrive
  • Redesign the future: Develop a team purpose, align on collective mission and goals, and identify key strategies to get there
  • Address performance: How can the team make more agile, efficient decisions? How can they improve relationships and collaboration? How to manage meetings more productively?

Who Should Attend

Virtual Team Offsite work perfectly for every team that wants to improve collaboration and performance. Even those who don't usually work remotely can benefit from a virtual retreat.


We provide facilitation, exercises, methods,  and virtual tools to run successful Virtual Team Offsites. Participants just need a computer or laptop with Internet access.