Turn Your Constraints Into a Superpower

Reframe your problems and discover growth opportunities with this creativity workshop.

Limited resources, time, or budgets can get teams stuck, but it doesn't have to be that way.


Don't get constraints or obstacles become an excuse. Liberate your team' ability to perform at its highest level.


Learn how to reframe problems and unleash your team's superpowers.

Why Attend this Creativity Workshop?

Our "Constraints into A Superpower" framework has helped hundreds of teams adopt a problem-solving mindset and overcome obstacles.

Learn by solving real-life problems. Identify constraints, understand how they hinder performance, and succeed by embracing your limitations, not in spite of them.

During this interactive, hands-on, workshop your team will acquire new mindsets and skills by tackling pressing challenges.

Turn constraints into a superpower

What You'll Learn

Applying our "Turn Constraints into a Superpower" framework, your team will increase self and team awareness to unblock performance:

  • Understand individual and collective superpowers and Kryptonite.
  • Uncover which mindsets and emotions are enabling or blocking team performance.
  • Boost collaboration by assessing current collaboration and growth potential by using the Map Your Relationships tool.
  • Increase accountability by creating success partnerships to achieve individual and team goals.
  • Design journey to move people from "Victim" to "Superhero."
  • Reframe current challenges; turn problems into more interesting ones to unblock innovation.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for organizations that feel stuck and want to reenergize their people.

Any team that wants to become more creative and learn how to reframe problems will benefit from this workshop.

Bring this Creativity Workshop to Your Organization

Reach out with any questions or to learn more about this workshop.

Or schedule a free consultation so we can learn about your challenges and prepare a proposal that will unlock your team's superpowers.