The Toronto Culture Canvas Masterclass

by Gustavo Razzetti of LiberationistPresented by Hilton Barbour

NEW DATE: May 22, 9am-5pm

@ 555 Richmond St WToronto, ON M5V 3B1

Learn how to create a powerful, safe, and purposeful workplace culture with The Culture Design Canvas

The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool that captures the culture of an organization in one page, to drive alignment and uncover areas of opportunities.


In the full-day Culture Design Masterclass, you'll acquire the insights, skills, tools, and methods needed to design powerful workplace cultures.

Why Attend the Toronto Culture Design Workshop?

The one-page structure of the Culture Design Canvas makes it inherently simple to use regularly. In this masterclass you'll learn the multiple ways you can apply it within your organization


Companies across the world use it to map their current culture and design its future state. Teams and startups apply the Culture Design Canvas to improve how they work together, hire new employees, or increase engagement.

Teams working on the culture design canvas at the culture design masterclass

What You'll Learn

You'll acquire the skills, methods and tools needed for building better, engaged workplace cultures:

  • Leverage cultural trends from successful, culture-first organizations
  • Turn your workplace culture into a competitive advantage
  • Map your existing culture and identify areas for growth
  • Uncover the power of subcultures
  • Identify cultural tensions (mindsets, emotions, and behaviors) that hinder performance or collaboration
  • Facilitate the whole Toolkit: Culture Design, Cultural Tensions, and Culture Experiment Canvases.


Most importantly, you'll learn the different ways you can apply The Culture Design Canvas to improve how people work together.

Who Should Attend

This masterclass is ideal for team leaders, senior executives, organizational development pros, startup founders, and consultants--everyone who cares about building a better team or company culture.

Anyone is welcome regardless of their experience using the Culture Design Canvas.

Don't Miss Out! Only 20 spots available.

About the creator of The Culture Design Canvas

Gustavo Razzetti, CEO

I'm the founder of Liberationist, a change leadership consultancy that help teams work smarter and faster, together.

I believe purpose-driven cultures inspire people to be more human, creative, and collaborative.

I'm excited that more and more companies are adopting The Culture Design Canvas. I look forward to meeting you at the Toronto Masterclass.

This Masterclass is presented by Hilton Barbour

Hilton Barbour

Hilton is a culture champion and change agitator who believes that culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage an organization has. A 20+ marketing veteran, Hilton has penned over 50 interviews, and 4 ebooks, on his favourite passion “Culture & Digital Transformation”.


Hilton’s operating mantra is “Question Everything”

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Cancellation Policy

In the unlikely event that the workshop is canceled, all confirmed participants will be notified immediately and receive a full refund.

If you cannot attend the workshop, you can transfer your ticket to a colleague. Sorry, but due to the small size of our masterclasses, we don't offer a refund to no-shows.

Reach out if you have any questions.