Team Building to Accelerate Change.

Our team building workshops and team offsites increase self-awareness and adaptability. Upgrade your team's ability to ignite and accelerate change. 

Successful teams promote trust, collaboration, and embrace change.

Take your team out of the office, to reflect, reboot, or stabilize dynamics.Executive & Management Team Offsites. Find out which offsite is right for you.


Our change leadership workshops will train your team new mindsets and behaviors. Improve their ability to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Some teams require follow up and closer intervention. We believe coaching the team as a whole is more effective than coaching individual executives. 

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Team Building
Team Timeout Workshop

Team Timeout Offsite

When was the last time your team called timeout? Playing is important, but it's not everything. Your team needs time to practice and reflect. Pause. Regroup with your team to make necessary adjustments. What's working and what can be improved? This workshop will improve your team's game by uncovering potential blind spots and crisis as well as experimenting with new tactics.
team retreats time to get out

Team Stabilization Offsite

Your team is in trouble and you don't know where to start.  You are not alone. Research shows that 7 out of 10 have worked on a dysfunctional team at some point in their careers. The problems you’re dealing with right now will not just go away. But, before you improve your team's performance,  you need to stop the bleeding. This offsite is like taking a team to the ER. Click to learn more.
fight the enemies of change

Neutralize Opposition to Change – Workshop

Do you feel that opposition to change is stronger than you expected? Leading change is exciting yet anything but easy. Even the most motivated change agents get frustrated. This workshop will unblock your ability to drive change effectively. Neutralize opposition to change.
promote a culture of transparency

Create a Culture of Transparency – Workshop

Is your team censoring their best ideas? Are they afraid of getting fired? Trust is the foundation of any successful team. Building a culture of transparency enables “a shared belief that a team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” This workshop will help you understand the principles of using transparency to build Psychological Safety at your organization.
Team reboot workshop team building

Reboot Your Team – Offsite

Has your team lost its mojo? Does your team feel stuck? Before you team becomes dysfunctional, play the reset button. Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. This workshop will help you unblock your team and improve its performance. Join us and reboot your team.

The Power of Opposites: drive multigenerational collaboration

Multigenerational employees create a divide. Digital natives versus experienced managers. Millennials versus Baby Boomers. Different characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work hinder collaboration. This workshop will help you turn “opposites” into “collaborators.”
cultural fitness not just cultural fit 3

Improve Your Cultural Fitness, Not Just Cultural Fit

Culture is the glue that brings a team or organization together. But if the glue is too sticky, it can make them stuck instead of making them stay together. Our workshop will inspire you to stretch your organizational culture.
Do you admire changemakers but have a hard time changing yourself?

Thrive in the Unexpected: Improve Your Change Fitness – Workshop

Do you admire changemakers but have a hard time changing yourself? Do you want to reframe your relationship with change? Build a more experimental and resilient mindset. Our workshop will help you turn adaptability into a competitive advantage.
The Enemies of Innovation (1)

The Enemies of Innovation Workshop

Innovators have to survive attacks from both friendly and unfriendly fire. Disguised as a "Friend" or exposed as a "Thief", they will try to stop you. Understand, fight and neutralize the Enemies of Innovation. Book this in-company workshop.
misfits are great for innovation

Build a Band of Misfits Workshop

Innovation is a dangerous mission. Building the right team is critical. It can make or break your innovation operation. Learn how to design the perfect team to drive change in your organizations. A team of misfits encourages diversity of thinking by having clear roles, accountabilities and team purpose.

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