Remote proof your team culture

Remote Work: how to lead your team successfully

Almost every organization is going remote. However, most teams are struggling.. Trust issues are surfacing, productivity is suffering, and many teams are losing their rhythm.


How do you get teams working as well as they used to? How do you deal with issues that are being amplified by virtual distance? How can you keep your culture alive while working remotely?


Acquire the insights, skills, tools, and methods needed to help your team thrive in remote work.

A 3-hour virtual workshop, exclusively for your team

It’s a design session, not a training

Includes: assessment, facilitation, tools, and report

What to Expect from the Remote Proof Your Team workshop

Remote work requires more trust, freedom, and flexibility than usual. Organizations cannot expect people to work the same way but via Zoom; teams must redefine their norms, how they meet and collaborate while keeping the culture alive.

Your team members will learn how to use the Remote Culture Canvas to design a remote culture that works for them. We will facilitate various exercises and tools to uncover tensions, reframe their thinking models, and accelerate change.

With the aid of laptops and a handful of online collaboration tools, this online workshop will help your team quickly adapt to working remotely.

Culture Design Canvas 22 x 34 _01-20-2020 Culture Design Canvas 22 x 34 _01-20-2020

Why attend the Remote Proof Your Team workshop?

Few organizations were ready to embrace remote work. Now, most are reacting, rather than adapting, facing a lots of resistance and internal tensions that harm productivity and collaboration.


People feel confused, isolated, disorganized, and trying to build a routine to stay productive.


Working remotely takes much more than a Zoom account. We will help your team discover the right mindsets, behaviors, and norms to recover their usual rhythm.


This program will remote-proof your team not just now but also for when things get back to the normal. Your team will acquire new practices to work faster, but also smarter.

Gustavo Razzetti reviewing culture design canvas at a masterclass in Chicago

What Your Team Will Learn at This Workshop

This live online workshop was designed to help teams transform and thrive remotely. During this hands-on virtual session, participants will learn and practice how to:

  • How to steady your team as quickly as possible and overcome productivity issues caused by remote work
  • Leverage individual and collective emotions to accelerate remote collaboration
  • How to use the Remote Culture Canvas to design how they will work remotely
  • Focus on what they can control rather than being stuck by what they can't
  • Address cultural tensions and solve the most pressing ones
  • Identify what your team can do differently when they get back to the office

Who Should Attend

This virtual workshop is ideal for those teams who are just getting started with remote work or for organizations that are forced to work remotely due to the Coronavirus quarantine.


We will provide facilitation, exercises, methods, and the technology and online collaboration tools to run the session. Participants just need a computer or laptop with Internet access.

How do I join?

If you are interested to learn more about the "Remote-Proof Your Team workshop" or want to book a session for your team, please reach out here.

This an online 3-hour session, including breaks.

We will book an intro call to learn more about your team challenges and customize the workshop.

As part of the program, we will interview a few of your team members to learn more about the dynamics and issues. After the session, we will provide a final report with recommendations and follow-up materials.