Overcome Resistance to Change

Don’t fight resistance; build participation instead.

Resistance is a signal. If you are not facing opposition is because you are not pushing too hard. But, too much resistance can get your organization stuck.


Change makes people feel stuck in an emotional loss. Even if it's for better, they focus on what they lose versus what they can gain.


Learn how to turn resistance into energy for positive change.

Why Attend the Overcome Resistance Workshop?

Our "Reframe the Loss of Change" is an effective way to empathize with resistance and reframe it into participation.


Learn to identify the different types of resistance and the emotional loses: the loss of control, loss of narrative, loss of belonging, loss of time, etc.


During this interactive, hands-on, workshop your team will connect with their own resistance, and realize that inaction can be more harmful.

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What You'll Learn

This workshop is based on our "Reframe the Loss of Change" framework. It's a powerful tool to help people empathize with resistance:

  • Understand the different types of resistance and what drives them
  • Identify the emotional losses associated to change that affect your team
  • Help your team confront their own resistance and address their fears and objections
  • Define resistance in objective, actionable terms. Help people analyze, rather than react to, their resistance
  • Rebuild the narrative and reframe the loss associated to change
  • Increase participation by turning the loss into a gain

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for any team or organization that is going through a transformation and resistance is getting in the way.

Many companies have benefited from this program after having tried the usual, ineffective approaches.

Overcome Resistance in Your Organization

Reach out with any questions, or to learn more about this workshop.

Or schedule a free consultationto discuss resistance in your organization, and prepare a proposal to turn the loss into a gain.