Psychological Safety Workshop (Available Online Too)

Learn how to build Psychological Safety and increase innovation and collaboration

Psychological Safety is crucial to promote collaboration and innovation.

Is your team censoring the best ideas? Are your colleagues afraid of speaking up?


Fear is the most pervasive emotion at work. 85% of people feel unable to raise concerns with their bosses. Only 3 in 10 employees strongly agree that their opinions count at work.


Psychological Safety can make or break teams, according to research by Google. People must feel safe to speak, up, collaborate, and innovate.


This workshop will help you build a fearless culture.

Why Attend the Psychological Safety Workshop?

This hands-on workshop won't just help your team overcome fear but also to increase collaboration and trust.


During the session, we will cover the ‘Fearless Culture" framework,  the principles of "Psychological Safety" and "Emotional Culture."


Learn by doing. We will spend most of the time facilitating group activities and team exercises. Discover tools and methods to bring back to your organization.

mindset check-in meetings

What You'll Learn

You'll acquire the methods and tools needed for building healthy, successful workplace cultures:

  • Turn your workplace culture into a competitive advantage
  • Build a fearless company culture
  • Map and identify development opportunities of your existing workplace culture
  • Identify the gap between the 'official culture' and the 'perceived culture'
  • Create your future culture using the Culture Design Canvas
  • Learn how to identify and address cultural tensions
  • Improve your organizational culture by having a compelling Purpose and Values
  • Define your emotional and rational cultures
  • Design and test new culture experiments

Most importantly, you'll to facilitate the whole Toolkit: Culture Design, Cultural Tensions, and Culture Experiment Canvases.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for senior executives, team leaders, organizational development and HR partners, change agents, and consultants.

Anyone who wants to build a fearless culture is welcome regardless of their experience with Psychological Safety.

Use Psychological Safety to Build an Innovative Culture

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