Culture Design Canvas Masterclass

Learn how to create a powerful, safe, and purposeful workplace culture

The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool for mapping existing workplace cultures or designing new ones.


Liberationist's Culture Design Canvas is a visual tool to capture the culture of an organization in one page, drive alignment, and identify areas of opportunities.


This Masterclass will help you master the Culture Design Canvas Toolkit.

Why Attend the Culture Design Workshop?

The one-page structure of the Culture Design Canvas makes it inherently simple to use on a regular basis.


Organizations across the world are using it to map their current state and design the desired culture. Or to identify gaps between the different local cultures.


Startups are adopting the Culture Design Canvas to define a foundation for growth. Multiple teams are using it to design their culture and behavior.

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What You'll Learn

You'll acquire the methods and tools needed for building healthy, successful workplace cultures:

  • Turn your workplace culture into a competitive advantage
  • Build a fearless company culture
  • Map and identify development opportunities of your existing workplace culture
  • Identify the gap between the 'official culture' and the 'perceived culture'
  • Create your future culture using the Culture Design Canvas
  • Learn how to identify and address cultural tensions
  • Improve your organizational culture by having a compelling Purpose and Values
  • Define your emotional and rational cultures
  • Design and test new culture experiments

Most importantly, you'll to facilitate the whole Toolkit: Culture Design, Cultural Tensions, and Culture Experiment Canvases.

Who Should Attend

This masterclass is ideal for team leaders, senior executives, organizational development pros, startup founders, and consultants--everyone involved in culture transformation.

Anyone is welcome regardless of their experience using the Culture Design Canvas.

Master The Culture Design Canvas

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Chicago, US-- February 28, 2020: Book Your Seat

Toronto, Canada--Q2 2020: Pre-register)

Vancouver, Canada-- Q2 2020: Pre-register

Melbourne, Australia-- Q2 2020: Pre-register

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