Build A Fearless Culture

Online Workshop Journey

Accelerate adaptability, collaboration, and innovation on your team

In a world of change that’s accelerating, fear and uncertainty silence creativity and stifle collaboration.


What would happen if you could build a fearless culture?


Navigating change takes intentional design and action; it also requires courage, creativity, and adaptability. Being fearless doesn't mean ignoring our fears, but conquering what holds ourselves and our teams back.


Our Fearless Culture program helps you identify, understand, and build capacity for creating a culture that liberates your organizations' untapped power.

Throughout this 8-module journey, you will:

Create a purpose-driven, agile culture

Increase trust, participation, and collaboration within your team

Provide people with tools to ignite innovation

Accelerate feedback, creativity and engagement on the team

Speed up the decision-making process

Provide people with the confidence to challenge business as usual

Build A Fearless Culture Program: The 8 Modules

Master the eight most critical elements of workplace culture.


Through the live virtual program, you'll learn the skills, mindsets, and tools to help you and your team work faster and smarter together. Each of the 8 modules is independent; you can attend any of the ones you want.

The course will take place for two and a half hours, twice a month, on Tuesdays from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm US Central Time. Check your local time.

Act fast! Only 14 spots available per module.

Here's what participants are saying about our online programs

"This has been an amazing online class. I love the variety of tools, but in a very sequenced, methodical, and thoughtful way."


– Vicky Schubert, Change Management, Clayton Homes

"I'm so grateful for what you shared with us today, Gustavo. The work that you are doing and releasing all these tools to the world is fantastic."


– Jordan Herald, Culture Transformation Consultant

Build A Fearless Culture Program: Content and Dates per Module

Date: August 4


  • What are team rituals, and why they matter?
  • Team rituals versus habits: differences and structures
  • How successful organizations use rituals to increase performance engagement
  • How to design team rituals to accelerate change
  • The power of rituals for remote teams
  • Inspiration from sports and other disciplines
  • Design and test rituals in your team

Date: August 18


  • Why meetings are how teams get work done
  • Map and assess your existing meetings: eliminate, reduce, and improve
  • Increase engagement in virtual meetings
  • How to drive participation in face-to-face meetings
  • Get rid of unnecessary meetings
  • The problem with mandatory meetings (and what to do about it)
  • Design more effective meetings
  • Experiment to bring to your company

Date: September 1


  • The issues with making decisions at work
  • Clarifying how decisions are made
  • The eight-methods for decision-making: pros and cons
  • Selecting which method to use when and by whom
  • Driving alignment on how decisions are made
  • Map your decision-making culture: autonomy and alignment
  • Design how to test new methods with your team

Date: September 15


  • The problem with company rules and what you can do about it
  • Rules that limit versus those that
  • Assess and improve your workplace norms
  • How to simplify rules
  • Learn how to design effective company rules
  • How to clarify expected behavior without hindering accountability

Date: June 9


  • What is purpose and why it matters?
  • Understanding what drives people\
  • The differences between purpose, mission, and vision
  • How to craft a company purpose
  • Evaluating your purpose
  • Best practices and examples
  • How to design a team purpose
  • Validate your purpose with stakeholders

Date: June 23


  • What are core values and why it matters?
  • How to define your company values
  • The problem with core values – action versus empty words
  • Examples of company values
  • How to cascade your core values across your team or company
  • Stress-proof your core values
  • Reviewing and selecting effective core values
  • Design an experiment

Date: July 7


  • Why high-performing teams need Psychological Safety
  • What is Psychological Safety and what it’s not
  • Best practices and how to measure it
  • How to promote Psychological Safety in your team
  • Moving your culture from fear to fearlessness
  • Psychological Safety versus trust
  • Tools to build a fearless culture
  • Design an experiment

Date: July 21


  • Why companies are ditching annual performance reviews
  • 5 methods to share feedback as a team
  • Shift #1: from providing to asking for feedback
  • Shift #2 from manager-to-employee to peer-to-peer
  • Shift #3: from occasional to regular feedback practices
  • Tools and exercises to build a culture of feedback
  • Design an experiment to test in your company

Act fast! Only 14 spots available per module.

Who Should Attend

Are you ready to create a positive revolution to accelerate change?


Whether you are a team leader, team member, an HR professional, a senior executive, a change management practitioner, or a consultant, this program will help you accelerate positive change in your team, organization, and clients.

A Live Online Program

This is not a lecture, but a hands-on class. By using Zoom, Mural, and other tools, you'll get real-time feedback from the facilitators and interact and learn from other participants.


Participants just need a computer or laptop with Internet access. You don't need to incur any additional cost or tech licenses to participate.

Meet Your Facilitators

Gustavo Razzetti, Creator of The Culture Design Canvas

I'm the founder of Liberationist, a change leadership consultancy that helps teams work smarter and faster, together.


I believe purpose-driven cultures inspire people to be more human, creative, and collaborative.


I'm excited that more and more companies are adopting our Culture Design Toolkit. I look forward to meeting you at the Fearless Culture Program.

Sofia Ansaldo, Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Sofia has a vast experiencing coaching high-performing teams and leaders in the marketing, sales, and pharma world.


As a change agent, she is passionate about both arts and business. This unique combination allows her to deeply connect with people's motivation while also challenge them to achieve their full potential.


Sofía is a certified Ontological Coach and a remote workshop facilitator at Liberationist.


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As part of this course, you will receive the following materials distributed before each class:

  • Electronic templates
  • Course handouts
  • Facilitation guides

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this workshop series start?

The first module starts on June 9, and the last on September 15, 2020. Check above to see the dates of each specific session you want to attend.

Do I need to take all 8 workshops?

That's up to you. The modules are interdependent; they complement each other, but you can also attend only the ones that you want without affecting your experience.

Where can I see the content of each module?

Click on the following link to download a PDF with the tentative outline per workshop.

What materials will I get at the end of the session?

After the session, you'll get a copy of the presentation, links to download the tools and facilitation guides, additional reading, and a copy of all the exercises you did.

Do I need to be an expert on the Culture Design Canvas to join?

No. Though this workshops series is perfect for those who took the Culture Design Masterclass, the content is independent and was designed to help any culture designer professional regardless of the tools they use or their level of expertise.

Are there any package options besides the 4 and 8 ones?

No, but let us know what you have in mind and see if we can help you out.

What happens if I can't make it to the session?

This is a LIVE online session; if you miss it, you will get the video recording and all the materials but miss the live interaction.

What's the cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event that the workshop is canceled, all confirmed participants will be notified immediately and receive a full refund.

If you cannot attend the workshop, you can transfer your ticket to a colleague. Sorry, but due to the small size of our masterclasses, we don't offer a refund to no-shows.

Reach out if you have any additional questions.