Change Leadership Training

Liberate your team's ability to drive change

We facilitate team building and training sessions to build a culture that drives positive business results.

Our workshops unleash the power of self-awareness, collaboration, and creativity–we enhance their ability to experiment, and help them make more agile and better decisions.

Featured Programs (live online)

Culture Design Canvas Masterclass

The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool for mapping existing workplace cultures or designing new ones.

Learn how to use this tool to drive clarity, alignment, and continually improve your organizational culture. We run this program online too.

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Build a Fearless Culture (Workshops Series)

Through our live virtual program, learn the skills, mindsets, and tools to help your team work faster and smarter, together.

This 8-module online program covers the most important elements of workplace culture:

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Remote Proof Your Team

Almost every organization is going remote. However, most teams are struggling and feeling overwhelmed. Trust issues are surfacing, productivity is suffering, and many teams are losing their rhythm.

Is your team culture remote-proof?

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Virtual Team Offsite


Gustavo Razzetti founder of liberationist explains the culture design toolkit to participants to the culture design masterclass in chicago

Virtual Team Retreats are a perfect solution to bring teams together when they can't be together – especially during a crisis like it's happening with the Coronavirus.

Learn more about our Virtual Team Offsite services.

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Change Leadership Workshops (remote online version available)

A Fearless Culture: Build Psychological Safety And Accelerate Innovation

Fear is the most pervasive emotion at work. If people don't feel safe to speak up, they keep their best ideas to themselves. Learn how to build a psychologically safe culture.

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Overcome Resistance to Change

overcome resistance to change in your organization workshop

Resistance is a signal. If you are not facing opposition is because you are not pushing too hard. But, too much resistance can get your organization stuck.

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Turn Constraints into a Superpower

Turn constraints into a superpower creativity workshop

Limited resources can get teams stuck, but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn to reframe obstacles into opportunities for growth. 

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Team Offsite Facilitation (live virtual sessions available)

We facilitate three types of Team Retreat depending on current challenges and team health. 

See which one is right for you team.

Team Offsite
team reboot offsite icon

Reboot Your Team – Offsite

Has your team lost its mojo? Does your team feel stuck? Before you team becomes dysfunctional, play the reset button. Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. This workshop will help you unblock your team and improve its performance. Join us and reboot your team.
team offsite timeout icon

Team Timeout Offsite

When was the last time your team called timeout? Playing is important, but it's not everything. Your team needs time to pause and reflect. Regroup your team to make necessary adjustments. What's working? What can be improved? This offsite will improve your team's game by uncovering potential blind spots and tensions as well as experimenting with new tactics.
Team Stabilization Offsite

Team Stabilization Offsite

Your team is in trouble and you don't know where to start.  You are not alone. Research shows that 7 out of 10 have worked on a dysfunctional team at some point in their careers. The problems you’re dealing with right now will not just go away. But, before you improve your team's performance,  you need to stop the bleeding. This offsite is like taking a team to the ER. Click to learn more.


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