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“Change has to be hard because your are fighting against inertia.” ― James Thornton

1. This Week’s Posts

The Ten Percent Advantage — How to Make Progress Every Day

What looks like resistance is normally exhaustion. When we try to change everything overnight, we end draining ourselves and others. Reframe your approach to driving change by focusing on consistent daily increments. Building positive momentum makes change easier. #innovation #selfimprovement

America Has a Cheating Crisis (Why Leaders Should Worry About It)

The cheating crisis in America starts at school (and students are not the only ones who do it). Cheating has become pervasive in the workplace, professional sports, and politics. The pressure to succeed is encouraging the wrong behaviors. What leaders should do about it. #leadership #HR

This Is the Reason Why People Resist Change

Whatever we resist, persists. Driving change is an act of empathy. Learn to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand what’s holding them back. Also, reconnect to how fear can affect you as change maker as well. #innovation #change #leadership

2. Change our Culture, Change our World — TED Talk

We don’t just need better laws — we need better culture. Nate Garvis asks: What can we do to create an environment in which powerful institutions are used for the common good? Watch Now.

3. How to Plan the Right Team Retreat

Are you or someone in your organization planning a team offsite for the near future? This resource will help you understand the different options and how to choose the right one based on your goals and challenges. Learn more.

4. “Switch” — A book to make change easier

Why is it so hard to make lasting change in our companies, communities, and own lives? Hint: there are two systems that operate our brain, we are only talking to one. Check out the book.

5. “Build a Culture of Innovation” — Transformative Program

This in-company program will unblock your organization, equip your team with new mindsets and frameworks, and turn everyone into a change agent.

It consists of four workshops — you can choose the ones that best fit your company’s need or enjoy the whole series.

Want to learn more? Reach out at stretch@liberationist.org

6. One Quote:

“Life is hard. But we find joy in making the effort, in choosing to do something, in action.”— Peter Doobinin

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Resistance to change requires understanding and reframing mindsets, emotions, and behaviors of both team members and those in charge of driving change initiatives.

To create enduring transformation, we focus on three areas: Self-awareness, Team Awareness, and Culture of Change.

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