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“A collective mind does not exist. It is merely the sum of endless numbers of individual minds.” — Ayn Rand ​

1. This Week’s Posts

This Idea Will Get You Fired

Lack of ideas is not a problem — their quality is the real issue. Organizations implement new methods to drive innovation, yet groupthinking is setting the bar too low. How to overcome the profound fear that holds true creativity back. #innovation #teamwork

Why Boredom Is So Powerful in Your Life

Boredom is not lack of stimulation. Actually, the more stimulated we are, the more bored we get. Boredom is painful — it reminds us of our unused potential. You can avoid it or embrace it. Your life satisfaction depends on it. #leadership #mindfulness

2. Are You Feeling Bored?

This quiz will help you determine how you deal with boredom. Check it out

3. Why Your Office Needs a Laugh Detector

Play goes hand in hand with innovation. Brendan Boyle from IDEO says that if you measure the amount of laughter in a project space, the teams who chuckle most are also the most successful. Learn more.

4. “Overcome Resistance to Change” — Change Leadership Program

This past weekend we had a blast at Monterrey, Mexico, facilitating a 3-day version of this hands-on workshop. Participants learned to understand and defeat the three most challenging obstacles innovators must face: people, resources, and their organizational culture.

The most thought-provoking insight: managing our own resistance as change agents is critical to overcoming external obstacles and limitations.

Want to learn more? Reach out at stretch@liberationist.org

5. One Quote:

“I am never bored; to be bored is an insult to one’s self.” 
― Jules Renard

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