Weekly insights to lead change in your life.

“All of us is better than one of us.” — Improv motto

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Stretch for Change #59: Weekly insights to lead change in your life.

1. This Week’s Posts

This Mindset Will Make You More Creative and Innovative

Too many no’s kill innovation. How to promote the right mindset to liberate your team’s creativity. Adopt a “Yes, And” mentality. #creativity #innovation

Why Being Skeptical Will Make You See Life Perfectly

Skepticism is not cinycism. On the contrary, it’s a positive attitude towards seeing life perfectly. Certainty can cripple your life; positive skepticism is about discovering new answers. #leadership #change

Truth is an Illusion: How to Free Yourself from Dogma

Can you really be objective? Or is objectivity a social construct? For every absolute, there’s an opposite absolute. Discover the middle way: how to solve conflicts without compromising. #selfimprovement #creativity

2. Developing a Creative Mindset

Innovation and creativity are a priority — Boston Consulting Group

Drunk people are better at solving problems — Harvard Business Review

How improv comedy skills became a must-have for innovators — Slate

3. Challenge Certainty and the Truth

“On Being Certain” — Robert Burton talk at Google — Video
How well do you handle uncertainty? — Quiz
How certainty transform persuasion — Article
Contemplative Science, B. Alan Wallace — Book

4. A Book

ON BEING CERTAIN: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not by Robert A. Burton

5. One Quote:

“Contemplation is the silent perception of reality.” — Josef Pieper

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