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“I started thinking, maybe the mind is like the coastline — it’s both sand and sea.” — Dan Siegel​

1. This Week’s Posts

Why You Need to Train Your Mind not just Your Brain
In our brain-centric society, we are not taking care of our minds as we should. Understand the differences between brain and mind. Learn a framework to train your mind to be more open, present, and to drive action. #selfimprovement #creativity

This Is What Happens When You Stop Asking for Permission
Breaking the rules drives innovation. But you have to break the rules with a purpose. What happens when you stop asking for permission? An approach to breaking the rules for clear reasons, not just because it’s cool. #innovation #change

Feedback Should Be a Gift for Your Team, Not a Torture
Why most feedback, especially performance reviews, get people stressed out and anxious. How to recover feedback as a gift that makes your team grow. #leadership #team

Why Racism Is About the Color of the Mind, Not Your Skin
Racism is not something natural but a social concept. The (wrong) science created it; modern science has debunked it. #leadership #perspectives

2. The Power of Questions to Train Your Mind

Banning Small Talk from Your Conversations Makes You Happier INC.

For a scientist, there really is no such thing as a stupid question The Conversation

The Surprising Power of Questions Harvard Business Review

3. Resources for Training Your Mind

Understanding the Observing Self — Video

Your “mind” isn’t confined to your brain — Article

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life — Book

22 Mindfulness Exercises, Techniques & Activities -Exercises

4. Improving Team Feedback

Why companies are killing performance review Quartz article
Make feedback fun — The LEGO retrospective
Have a team retrospective: Team Timeout

5. One Quote:

“Happiness can be achieved through training the mind.” — Dalai Lama

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