An Accountability Partner Agreement Increases Your Chances of Success



No one can change the world alone. An accountability partner increases your chances of achieving your goals. When you commit your goals to someone, your probability raises to 65%. If you create a specific accountability appointment with a person, the odds increase to 95%.



An accountability partner agreement is the foundation of a reciprocal relationship–each member coaches and helps the other achieve professional or personal goals. The partnership is established by an agreement that defines how the partnership would work.



The accountability partner agreement will help you define the terms of the relationship. Start by committing to one behavior you want to change– focusing is critical.

1. Choose one behavior you want to change/ improve.

2. Establish clear metrics to measure progress.

3. Define rules of engagement. What coaching style do you expect from your partner? Do you want your partner just to listen or also to challenge you? Do you expect feedback in the form of advice, tips or questions? Clarify what’s confidential. What other things should your partner know about you or the behavior you want to change?

4. Establish a cadence of touch points. Both partners need to agree on the frequency, date, duration, etc. Also, will you be meeting in person or online?


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