The Power of Self Awareness to Build Successful Teams

Self awareness is a key skill for successful leaders. Self-aware teams make better decisions, collaborate more, and manage tensions and conflicts more effectively.

In this webinar, Gustavo Razzetti, CEO of Liberationist shares the power of self awareness and how it increases teamwork and collaboration. Self aware team are more collaborative, trustworthy, and make better decisions.

A Fearless Culture: How Psychological Safety Promotes Innovation

A fearless culture encourages participation. Fear is the most pervasive emotion at work. Most teams censor their best ideas. They are afraid of being ignored, criticized or punished. 85% of people feel unable to raise a concern with their bosses (Milliken & Morrison).
Only 3 in 10 employees strongly agree that their opinions count at work (Gallup).

Psychological Safety can make or break teams, according to research by Google. This webinar will show you how a fearless culture feels safe to embrace feedback, collaboration, and experimentation.