Create Positive Change

We liberate organization's potential to create Positive Change. We help leaders and their teams flourish to increase collaboration, performance, and innovation.

About Gustavo Razzetti

Hi, I'm Gustavo, welcome to Liberationist.

I'm a change instigator, team and culture transformation consultant, and speaker with an obsession for driving positive change and becoming the best version of myself.

I help leaders and their teams flourish by amplifying the good of who and what they are.

I have over 20 years of experience transforming organizations at the intersection of mindfulness, design thinking, creativity, and neuroscience––both as a CEO and consultant. I’ve advised senior executives from Fortune 500 and fast-growth startups.

I started Liberationist to help people let go of perceived limitations, fears, and dysfunctional behaviors.

My mission is to turn teams into agents of positive change.

I help my clients become more innovative and experiment with new ways of working.

I want to be a source of inspiration for those who want to become the best version of themselves. I share my insights on Psychology Today, Thrive Global, The Startup, TheLadders, TLNT, and more. My book Stretch for Change has been selected as a Soundview Best Business Book for 2017.

Our Purpose

We exist to help people and teams become the best version of themselves.

Most change management initiatives fail by trying to fix what's broken. Focusing on the negative fuels blame, low self-esteem, and lack of collaboration––teams get more stuck.

Our Positive Change approach amplifies what’s right in the organization––it energizes people and moves them in the direction of what they most desire.

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