Accelerate Positive Culture Change

Our Purpose

Liberationist exists to transform people into agents of positive change.

Most change initiatives fail by trying to fix what's broken. Focusing on the negative fuels more blame, lowers morale, and hinders collaboration––teams get even more stuck.


Our Positive Change approach amplifies what’s right in the organization––it builds a fearless culture that liberates a new, better future.


Most consultants talk about change; we create change.

"Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unleashed the 'change agent gene' within our employees." Guillaume Alvarez, SVP Europe & Middle East, Steelcase

Gustavo Razzetti, CEO & Founder

Gustavo is a change instigator—he creates team and cultural transformation experiences to drive positive change.

He founded Liberationist in reaction to toxic cultures — Razzetti is on a mission to liberate the best version of people. He helps organizations build fearless work cultures.

As a four-time CEO, and now a consultant, he speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

His first book, Stretch for Change, has been selected as a Soundview Best Business Book for 2017. Stretch Your Mind, is also available from Amazon. Or get a free download of his ebook Stretch Your Team.

Gustavo has helped organizations become more innovative and experiment with new ways of working for over 25 years.


His extensive cross-disciplinary expertise spans 20 countries and hundreds of companies in almost every category—both Fortune 500 and startups.

He wants to be a source of inspiration for those who want to become the best version of themselves. Check out his insights on his blog or Psychology Today, Thrive Global, and The Startup, among others.


Gustavo lives in Chicago and is married with two sons. He is an avid road cyclist and cook. Give him some ingredients and he'll create something unexpected--exactly what he does with organizations.