Build a Fearless Workplace Culture

Within Every Team Is A Collection of Great Ideas Waiting to Be Unleashed

Imagine your company performing at the very highest levels - disrupting your industry, changing the way customers think about your organization, and magnetizing the market to watch your every move with suspense.


Imagine what your company could achieve with your teams optimized to bring their best effort and ideas to the table. Imagine a workplace where passion and purpose inspire your employees to work more cohesively.


Now, how do you get there?


Company culture. More heads are better than one. Transformational leaders design their workplace culture to empower individuals to fearlessly contribute innovative ideas to achieve your business goals.


Liberationist is here to help you make this cultural transformation.

"Liberationist brought a new perspective, through exercises that made our team feel safe to experiment." Emily Meisenzahl, Northwestern University

Can Company Culture Turn Disengaged Employees Into Change Agents?

Our founder, Gustavo Razzetti, has been asking this same question of himself and others for years. He has found over and over again that the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”, especially when collective leadership is emphasized over a single “heroic” style of leading.


That’s why Gustavo continues to develop methods that help teams and leaders improve work environments -- by liberating creativity, enhancing ability to experiment, and helping them make more agile and better decisions. His mission is simple: open the doors of possibility for every team he works with through innovative workshops.


Gustavo is a sought-after speaker, change facilitator, consultant and author of 3 books: Stretch for Change (A 2017 Soundview Best Business Book), Stretch Your Team, and Stretch Your Mind – all of which are available on Amazon

"Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unleashed the 'change agent gene' within our employees." Guillaume Alvarez, SVP Europe & Middle East, Steelcase

Inspiration Comes from Real-World Experience

For over 25 years, Gustavo and the teams he works with have been turning the business world on its head - creating profit, new-found purpose, and genius innovation in the process.


His forward-thinking change leadership workshops have been tested in 20 countries with hundreds of companies - from Fortune 500 behemoths to fast-growth startups. His business insights have been featured in Psychology Today, Forbes, Thrive Global, and many other publications.


He approaches company culture like he approaches cooking: give him a few ingredients and he’ll create something both pleasing and unexpected. An avid road cyclist, Gustavo has the endurance and focus to finish everything he starts and see your company culture shift through from conception to implementation.


Ready to liberate the potential of your company? Contact Liberationist today.