We Ignite and Accelerate

a Culture of Change.

About Us

We are change instigators. We help leaders and teams lead change. Our solutions are at the intersection of personal development, innovation, and change leadership.

We use the word “change” a lot in our line of work. Clients call us when they have tried to overcome resistance but failed to transform their teams' behaviors.

We use the power of empathy and self-awareness to drive change from within. Click to watch what our clients say about us.

Our Mission

We believe that people shouldn't suffer from change but actually, thrive! We believe creativity, adaptability, and resilience are critical assets to lead change. We help leaders and teams ignite and accelerate a culture of change.

Why Liberationist?

Our company's name means "the act of liberating." Most people become defensive when confronted with transformation. They suffer and resist change.
We exist to help individuals overcome resistance. To let go of perceived limitations, reframe their mindsets, and unleash new behaviors.
We liberate people's full potential.
Click to watch what participants say.

How We Help Build a Culture of Change

Accelerating a culture of change requires multiple skills and personalities. Our clients say we are Challenging, Inspirational, Creative, Enthusiastic, Calm, Thought Provoking, Collaborative, effective and Fresh. Need help? Click below to learn more about our approach, and services.

Meet Our Team of Liberationists

Our collective expertise includes: Social Psychology, Innovation, Space Design Experience, Coaching, Design Thinking, Marketing, Business Model Design, Entrepreneurship, Meditation, Branding, Architecture and Storytelling.

Those Who Share Our Dreams

Meet Our Partners

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Tell us about your current challenges. Let's discuss how we can help you thrive!

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