We Help Teams Stretch for Change.

We are a Change Leadership School.
We accelerate the development of changemakers.

Why Do We Exist

The ability to adapt to change will become a competitive advantage.

-Gustavo Razzetti, Founder, Liberationist

Change has never happened this fast before,
and it will never be this slow again.

We need to stop resisting change.
And embrace it as the force that brings out the best of us.
Unfortunately, change can be threatening to many people.

Change is no longer optional.
But organizations are still seeing culture as something static, rather than dynamic.
They control people with rules and processes, therefore making everyone feel frustrated. Companies expect their employees to be "normal", rather than encouraging uniqueness.

To thrive in change, we need to stretch out of our comfort zone.
But the workplace is not a safe space for people to experiment and take risks.

We want to change that.

Adaptability is the new competitive advantage.

What We Do

Liberationist helps people become more open, adaptive and experimental. We offer transformational learning experiences at the intersection of personal development, innovation and change leadership.

We offer three types of programs:

Team Stretch: become more adaptive by adopting new mindsets and behaviors.

Personal Stretch: to embrace change and thrive in your personal life.

Corporate Innovation: to help your organization become more experimental and resilient.

Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Learn by doing. We mix experiences, exercises, tools and mindsets so you can thrive in your personal and work life.

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Our Team Amplifies Your Perspective.

Building on our Multiple Perspectives approach, our network of coaches, consultants and partners is diverse.

Outsiders, Provocateurs, Coaches, Supportive & Inspiring.

Meet Our Team of Liberationists

Our team's broad expertise includes: Social Psychology, Innovation, Space Design Experience, Coaching, Design Thinking, Marketing, Business Model Design, Entrepreneurship, Meditation, Branding, Architecture and Storytelling.

Those Who Share Our Dreams

Meet Our Partners

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