Overcome Resistance to Change:Thrive In An Ever-Changing World.

Liberationist is a change leadership firm that helps youignite and accelerate a culture of change.

Overcoming resistance to change is anything but easy. Whether your company is going through a re-org, speeding up adoption of a new process, or looking to create a culture of innovation, change always creates conflict.

The most significant tension is the Current-Desired state divide. That's when collective and individual agendas collide.

Regardless if you are a C-suite executive, manager or team member, the ‘Change Gap’ is taking a toll on you.

Change Yourself. Change Others.Change the World.

Real and enduring change happens from within. We help increase self-awareness and adaptability to overcome resistance to change.
Check out how we can help you, your team, and your organization change for the better.

Personal Transformation

Stretch Your Mind

Challenge limitations and unleash your true potential. Learn how to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our programs will get you unstuck, ignite your passion, and transform your life.

Team Transformation

Ignite New Behaviors

Advance team performance. Upgrade its ability to thrive in an ever-changing environment. We offer team offsite and workshops to spark action, rebuild trust, ignite innovation, and accelerate collaboration.

A Culture of Change

Accelerate Transformation

Do you want your organization to become more innovative and move faster? Develop an experimental, agile, and adaptive mindset. We can help you ignite and accelerate a culture of change.

Client Testimonials

Guillaume Alvarez

Steelcase - SVP Europe and Middle East
Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unlocked “the change agent” gene within each of our employees!“ Our teams had a blast and were very moved and energized. Gustavo inspired our teams to stretch our mind and start our own “change” revolution! Be an agent of change and don’t let change drives you and determine who you are and what you do"

Emily Meisenzahl

Assistant Director, Northwestern University
A very big piece we took from the retreat was the “accountability piece.” We got back to work with lots of tools to continue having those challenging conversations that allowed us to “speak up.” Gustavo and his team brought a new perspective, through exercises that allowed everyone to feel safe and free to explore.

Sergio Fernandez

Chief Strategy Office, The Alumni Society
Liberationist session was a gamechanger. It created alignment among the leadership team, they got us to think differently through exercises that made us feel uncomfortable and helped us established a concrete, innovative, and forward-thinking platform to scale our events offering. We are still talking about the positive impact that Liberationist created in our team.

Tim Huelskamp

Principal, American Capital
Gustavo makes me think in a way that, when I leave his presence, I take those learnings, strategies, and thoughts, and utilize them throughout my life. He challenges things in way that I find myself constantly trying to get to the next level, trying to be a better business leader, a better manager, a better individual

Bonnie Shifrin

Chicago Ideas, Director of Membership
“Liberationist led several engaging, eye-opening sold out Labs for Chicago Ideas. Through a series of exercises that uniquely illustrated the many different ways individuals look at something, attendees were led to think about how to use the different styles to build better teams, approach clients and solve problems differently.” 

Prof. Shimon Amar

CEO, Ohalo College of Education, Israel
Gustavo’s message and insights about the power of adaptability in education were very important and meaningful to our audience. His great contribution to the success of our conference has already caused educators to start leading changes in their organizations.

Rebecca Reid

Chicago Executives Club - Global Accounts Executive
“Gustavo and his team were AWESOME!!  We have gotten such great feedback from our staff and thoroughly enjoyed all of the group activities. They turned our company retreat into a culture transformational experience.”

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