Culture Precedes Positive Results

Behind every successful organization and team, there is a thriving workplace culture.
Liberationist helps teams work smarter and faster, together. We partner with our clients to design cultures that become a sustainable competitive advantage.

Unlock the full potential of your team.

We help changemakers transform workplace culture

To change how your team members behave, first you must change how they think. Cultural transformations that address pervasive mindsets have 4x more chances to succeed.

Liberationist upgrades mindsets and ways of working to build agile, collaborative, and innovative teams.  

Design a future-proof workplace culture

Turn your culture into a sustainable competitive advantage. The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic tool to map existing cultures or design new ones.

Leaders and teams are using our canvas worldwide to nurture and evolve their workplace cultures.

How We Build A Positive Workplace Culture:

We turn teams into agents of change by:

→ Creating a safe and participatory environment

→ Building trustful, collaborative relationships

→ Helping people work faster and smarter, together

→ Increasing self-awareness, creativity, and resilience

→ Facilitating and coaching new ways of working


Client Testimonials

Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unleashed the 'change agent gene' within our employees.

—Guillaume Alvarez, SVP Europe & Middle East, Steelcase

They brought a new perspective, through exercises that make everyone feel safe and free to experiment .

—Emily Meisenzahl, Asst.  Director, Northwestern University

Liberationist eye-opening sold out workshops challenged conventional thinking on how to build teams and solve problems.

—Bonnie Shifrin, Director of Membership, Chicago Ideas

They turned our corporate retreat into a cultural transformational experience.

—Rebecca Reid, Global Accounts, Executive's Club of Chicago

We are still talking about the positive impact they created on our leadership team.

—Sergio Fernandez, Chief Strategy Officer, The Alumni Society

Gustavo's contribution to the success of our conference has already caused educators to start leading changes in their organizations.

—Shimon Amar, CEO, Ohalo College of Education, Israel