Positive Change Spreads Faster

Solve the emotional, often invisible human factors
that stand in the way of organizational success.

Liberate your teams from what's holding them back. Leverage self-awareness, science, and creativity to change human behavior. Liberationist is the change partner for fearless leaders.

A new reality requires a new perspective

We are a culture change partner designed for a world where uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, are the new normal. We help organizations build a culture of innovation.

Let's create human, adaptive, and innovative organizations

Equip your people with new mindsets and ways of working. Liberationist partners with executive leaders and their teams to navigate and accelerate change. 

Positive change liberates the best version of people

Change is not difficult; we make it difficult. Most teams are not broken–they don't need to be fixed, but liberated. Discover and amplify what’s already working.

Inspire and equip leaders to make positive change

From articles to books to tools, and exercises– we are continually adding new resources to help teams outsmart us. We promote autonomy, not dependency.

Positive change transforms people:

→ Drives extraordinary Collaboration and Trust

→ Improves Accountability and Decision-Making

→ Accelerates Innovation & Growth

→ Increases Self-awareness, Creativity, and Resilience

→ Turns employees into Agents of Positive Change

Client Testimonials

Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unleashed the 'change agent gene' within our employees.

—Guillaume Alvarez, SVP Europe & Middle East, Steelcase

They brought a new perspective, through exercises that make everyone feel safe and free to experiment .

—Emily Meisenzahl, Asst.  Director, Northwestern University

They turned our corporate retreat into a cultural transformational experience.

—Rebecca Reid, Global Accounts, Executive's Club of Chicago

We are still talking about the positive impact they created on our leadership team.

—Sergio Fernandez, Chief Strategy Officer, The Alumni Society

Gustavo's contribution to the success of our conference has already caused educators to start leading changes in their organizations.

—Shimon Amar, CEO, Ohalo College of Education, Israel

Liberationist eye-opening sold out workshops challenged conventional thinking on how to build teams and solve problems.

—Bonnie Shifrin, Director of Membership, Chicago Ideas

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